5 Digital Marketing Tips for Independent Musicians

Whether you’re an independent musician, a producer, or a band, digital promotion should be an important part of your marketing campaign whenever you’re coming up with a new single, music video, local event, or multi-city tour. Online recognition is key to an artist’s success in the digital age when more and more music lovers are exploring online music platforms and are being influenced by digital marketing.

By investing in consistent and focused digital marketing, you’ll not only build a strong brand identity but will also have more opportunities coming your way. So don’t let yourself feel daunted when you hear “digital marketing”—it’s not as difficult as it sounds. Here’s how to go about creating a virtual buzz around your music, band, or event.

Create a great website as a part of your digital marketing efforts

Online marketing requires a digital address where people can find you. Your fans may not visit your website a lot, but gig organizers, producers, talent hunters, and record labels will find it easier to know your story and contact you if you have a website in place.

A good website indicates professionalism and commitment on your part, regardless of whether you’re a band or a solo artist. Aside from being visually appealing, your business website should be mobile-friendly, fast-loading, and easy to navigate. If you’re also looking to sell your music online, consider adding an e-shop to your site—and test and retest the payment process before going live!

Focus on increasing your online presence

This requires ongoing effort, which includes developing superlative digital marketing content and regular social media activity to keep your fans intrigued and to gain more followers. Most music fans discover new music on online platforms such as Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter. Having a clearly defined target audience helps in this case, as it will help you pick the digital marketing platforms where you want to focus your efforts.

Music is something that transcends all kinds of boundaries, so keep an open mind, make social media handles on all popular platforms, and share your creations with your followers who may be lurking at the most unexpected places. As you go along, use social media analytics to refine your social media brand-building and marketing strategy towards better results.

Make a YouTube channel where your fans can find all your music

Talent hunters looking for a fresh voice and authentic talent scour YouTube to find the next great artist. In addition, event organizers want to listen to your music before offering you a performance. YouTube gets you an audience for your music and also a platform to be discovered.

While newer, dedicated platforms such as Spotify have come up, YouTube continues to remain popular for its simplicity. Initially, you may not get a lot of views or followers, but perseverance is the key to success in this medium. YouTube’s algorithm makes it possible for potential fans to find you, provided you tag your music right. Even a few hundred fans will bring your music recognition and help you develop a true fan base over time.

Hire an agency for professional brand management and digital marketing

Working with a digital agency that specializes in music promotion can take the load off your shoulders so that you can focus on what you do best. Moreover, working with a well-established agency gives you access to their well-connected network of influencers, decision-makers, and leaders in the music industry,

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Collaborate with other independent artists

The virtues of collaboration are many, particularly for up-and-coming artists. It exponentially increases your visibility and puts your music in front of a new audience that is already primed for your kind of music. So be open to collaboration, but pick musicians based on their talent and the genre they play and not just the size of their fanbase.

The goal of the collaboration is to get more fans. If a track or gig doesn’t seem to be working out, simply agree to give each other a shout-out on social media. Sharing and recommending each other’s music to your followers is a simple and effective way to boost your own fan following. In addition, you can reach out to industry influencers and bloggers and get them to mention or write about your music enterprise on their social media pages and blog sites.

Posted by Dragan Sutevski

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