6 Things That Matter to Attract a Crowd at a Trade Show

No matter what your trade show goals are, you need a crowd of people around your booth in order to achieve them. In a show full of companies vying for consumer attention, this is easier said than done.

In this post, we reveal the 6 tactics that actually work to get people to crowd around your trade show exhibit.

Hiring a Professional to Custom Design the Booth

Most trade shows in America feature a few booths that are truly attention-grabbing. Just by their design, these encourage onlookers to gravitate towards them. In a bid to get a similar response, companies spend more and more on custom exhibition display every passing year. This means the exhibits are getting more dramatic as the bar is set higher every year. To give your booth a chance in this race, you need to hire a company specializing in creating innovative trade show exhibits.

Location, Location, Location

Getting a prime location is paramount when it comes to achieving trade show success. Your booth should be instantly visible, the minute people walk in through the main entrance. While getting a location right next to the entrance can be expensive, you should be able to find a location near the gate that people have to walk by to gain access to the rest of the show.

Engaging Games that Deceptively Promote the Product

If you are promoting a product that naturally attracts a lot of consumer interest, then you can probably do without the games. For example, something like the latest Playstation would probably not need an in-booth activity or game. The product itself does a great job of drawing in the crowd. However, if your product is not the latest buzz, you might want to include a few games that allow people to have fun on the spot. Activities like quizzes and spin the wheel have been done to death. Try and find something creative and that is somewhat related to your product.

Creating a Free Wi-Fi Zone at Trade Shows

Sometimes a crowd attracts more crowds at trade shows. People tend to pay more attention to booths that are already swarming with people. That’s just human psychology. A sneaky way to get people to gather around your booth is by offering free Wi-Fi or creating a mini snack station. Nothing too distracting that would take attention away from the product you are trying to promote. Once the initial crowd builds up, it will help draw in more people interested in uncovering the secret behind the buzz.

Hiring a Professional Social Media Marketing Expert

The social media game is not for amateurs anymore. You need to hire a professional marketer specializing in social media promotion to get the word out about your exhibit. Start at least a month before the trade show dates.

Selecting Smart Staff Members Who Can Converse at Trade Shows

Any idiot can read a product manual and explain the features of a particular product or service. It takes real skill to strike genuine conversations with people and engage them. You want members who are intelligent and can hold a conversation with your target audience.

Dragan Sutevski

Posted by Dragan Sutevski

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