Best Free Data Recovery Options

Losing your data can become a nightmare. Whether you had an accidental deletion or there was physical damage to your HDD or SSD, lost files can seem like they are impossible to recover. So, data recovery options are important for you.

Thanks to the best free data recovery software options that are available for download today, you can restore access to your data in just minutes.

This 2019 review of today’s best tools will help you to recover from a lost data scenario without the need for an expensive investment or technical knowledge. Just download your preferred software and get to work!

Free Data Recovery Software Reviews

If you download the Disk Drill Free version to recover your data, then you can regain access to your lost files with just a few clicks. It may not be the same as having an Undo command for your accidental actions, but this software is the next best thing.

You can recover your deleted music files, images, or documents thanks to this free file recovery software for Windows. It will scan your hard drive to determine what is available for restoration, and then allow you to restore one file or many based on your specific needs. It doesn’t matter how long ago you emptied the Recycle or Trash bin either since there are a variety of tools at your disposal.

The free version of Disk Drill offers up to 500 MB of file recovery, which means there is plenty of room to ensure that you can restore an essential file without difficulty. You can also use it for unlimited previews of restorable information on your current system. It even works with external devices if you encounter an accidental deletion on an SD card or USB drive.

When Can I Use Data Recovery?

The data recovery process allows you to salvage files that are lost, inaccessible, or even corrupted from secondary storage devices when you cannot access this information in a “normal” manner.

Although most users take advantage of a free data recovery option after an accidental deletion, this process is useful in a variety of different situations. You can initiate a search after a breakdown of your operating system, a malfunction of your hard drive, or the logical failure of the device containing the information.

The best free tool to recover deleted files will help you to filter results quickly so that you can immediately restore your data.

Even older operating systems can benefit from this modern tool in 2019. Check to see what the supported versions are for your preferred recovery tool for Windows or macOS.

Disk Drill for Windows in 2019 works with Windows XP, Vista, and OS 7, 8, and 10.

What If I Updated My Operating System and Can’t Find a File?

If you cannot find a file on your hard drive, SSD, or an external device or you accidentally deleted or modified one, you can still restore it from a backup.

Windows backup gives you the option to revert to a previous version or restore one that accidentally went through the deletion process. You also have the opportunity to try restoring it from an earlier version.

The operating system will save previous versions of files and folders to create a restore point. You can turn the shadow copies found during this search into the current version by following the system’s recovery process.

The easiest way to restore access to your information is to use the best data recovery software each year. Because the free version of Disk Drill is simple to use and offers 500 MB of restoration, it is a solid choice to consider after you encounter an accidental deletion.

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