Nighttime Safety Tips for Employees & Employers

Maybe you work at night in an industry that requires round-the-clock workers, like 911 call centers, hospitals, and supermarkets. Or perhaps you are behind with your work and are putting in some extra hours at the office to catch up.

Regardless of the reason for being at work at night, the sun has gone down, the local owls are whooing away and you want to be extra vigilant about your safety both inside the building and when you leave to go home.

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In order for you to be as safe as possible, it’s important that both you and your employer take steps to ensure your safety.

Employers: Protect Your Workers

To keep everyone in and around the building safe, business owners should consider investing in and installing Nocturnal security camera systems. For instance, Lorex’s line of Nocturnal security cameras is part of their state-of-the-art IP security camera line. They connect to a Network Video Recorder (NVR) with a cable, thus allowing for 24/7 surveillance and constant video recording. In addition, Nocturnal cameras feature Color Night Vision that will allow you to identify key details if needed, like the color of hair, clothing, and cars. By placing security cameras in and around the building and in the parking lot, it can help employees feel more at ease when working at night, and it may also help to deter burglars who spot the cameras in action.

If the work on the night shift involves handling money, QuickBooks advises installing a locked drop safe. They also suggest that bosses train their employees to remove large bills from the register as soon as possible and to have visible signs that tell customers you only keep $50 on the premises. Finally, be sure the office or store has solid doors with good locks, and instruct employees to never prop a door open. Also, be sure the parking lot is well lit.

Employees: Be Smart, Be Seen, Be Safe

If you are spending the evening in your office, let a few close friends know your plans and when you will be home, and check-in with them along the way. Also, when walking from the employee parking lot to the building, My Fitness Pal notes to walk facing traffic so you can react quickly if need be — do not assume motorists can see you, so be extra alert, keep your head up, and do not look at your phone unless you are calling for help. Wear reflective clothing so cars can see you, and for safety’s sake, carry pepper spray and a whistle.

When you are in the building, be sure that the doors and windows are closed. If you arrive at work to find that a door is wide open, call your boss and do not go inside, Also, when you are leaving, check the sidewalks around the building first; if you spot someone skulking around near the office, go back inside, lock the doors and call for help. And, if at all possible, try to work at night in pairs, and arrive and leave at the same time; this way, you can walk to and from the parking lot in a group.

A Safe Employee Is a Happy Employee

While ideally, your boss will make sure the building you work in is safe and secure 24/7, you can also be proactive and take a number of steps to improve your safety. Encourage the managers to boost security and have your own safety plan in effect for every nightshift you work.

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