Marketing Using Facebook Live

Even though it’s been around since 2016, marketers have yet to tap into the full potential of Facebook Live. With that in mind, if the idea of broadcasting yourself to hundreds of thousands — potentially millions — of people live gives you pause, consider this.

The anxiety you’re feeling is exactly why broadcasting lives is so powerful.

When people know you’re doing something at that very instant, curiosity, as well as the morbid desire to see if it goes sideways attracts them to the event. When you decide to take on marketing using Facebook Live, you’ll draw plenty of attention — for a moment or two.

To hold on to that audience, you’ll have to give them a reason to keep watching you on Facebook Live.

Consider these ideas.

Partner With an Influencer

If you’re selling ebooks on a platform like Shopify, what could be more powerful than streaming an interview with a leading writer? They’ll get more exposure for their latest work; you’ll attract the attention of people who are hungry for interaction with the writer.

The beauty of this approach is users get to ask questions directly of the guest on your broadcast, so all you have to do is host — and screen the questions. You’ll come off looking great, the writer will pick up more sales for their book and your audience will love the opportunity to pick their favorite writer’s brain.

Take Your Audience “Behind the Scenes”

Over the course of 77 contiguous hours back in September of 2017, Jazz bassist Esperanza Spalding treated viewers to an inside look at the recording process of her album, “Exposure”.

The challenge was to go from raw ideas to the completed album in 77 days. Absolutely riveting, the stream drew 1.4 million viewers and the limited run of the album was completely sold out in a matter of hours.

Viewers saw her coming up with lyrics and making changes to songs on the fly as serendipity engendered new ideas. Her Facebook Live fans watched musicians in the recording booth laying down tracks and gained a firsthand look at the nonlinear recording methods used in music production today.

Whatever your business, there have to be an aspect people would find intriguing. Give yourself some exposure.

(Come on, you had to see that one coming — right?)

Mimic Broadcast Television

You can make your productions as simple or as lavish as your imagination and resources will carry you. Look at the different formats broadcast television uses and adopt one to your devices.

The talk show presentation on Facebook Live is a good way to convey information and bring others into the mix, taking things one step farther than the influence idea above. A game show could be both fun to watch and informative. You could even do a pseudo-reality show like “The Office”.

The point here is you don’t have to struggle to come up with an idea for a format for your stream. Instead, you can just look to see what’s already working and adapt it to your situation. Having a road map to follow will help you get over the inertia of wondering what to do.

Preparation is Everything for Facebook Live

Whatever you decide, take your time, think it through, and plan it out.

Everything you see on television is calculated to the letter. Yes, spontaneity does happen, however it happens within a well-defined set of parameters so it can be contained and channeled to the best effect.

You’ll also be well served by spending a couple of weeks touting your upcoming live stream on Facebook Live in your social media feeds, via your email list, and in every other forum to which you have access.

Promoting it in advance helps ensure your hard work gets noticed. Yes, some people will log on, see you by chance, and watch — which is great. However, the more you do to prime your audience beforehand, the better your shot at successfully marketing with Facebook Live.

Dragan Sutevski

Posted by Dragan Sutevski

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