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Whether you are running a small business or a large business, you need to incorporate digital marketing strategies like SEO to grow your business. Businesses need to use digital marketing so that they can grow and thrive. If your current strategies aren’t working for you, it is time to reconsider how you’re approaching marketing. It may be time to start considering hiring an online marketing company.

While there are many companies out there, this article will specifically go over some of the benefits of using Mebsites, a digital marketing agency that helps businesses rank higher on search engines. Mebsites is an expert SEO company on the Gold Coast – while they focus on Gold Coast businesses, they also help international clients.

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Why should I care about digital marketing and SEO?

You might not be convinced that you need to hire a company to help with your digital marketing needs. After all, isn’t simply having a website and some social media accounts enough? Well, not quite. Effectively using digital marketing raises your chances of ranking high on search engines.

Huge companies often outrank local companies on search engines. For example, say you’re a local bookstore that also serves coffee. If there is also a Starbucks in town, and customers search for coffee recommendations on Google, Starbucks will outrank you on search engines if you’re not using digital marketing. They’ll pop up first on the list, and customers will go to them over your store. However, if you’re effectively using digital marketing, you have a chance of ranking higher on search engines.

Almost everybody these days is using the internet in some capacity to find new businesses to buy from. Having a great website, engaging on social media, using paid advertising, and using SEO are just some digital marketing strategies.

Customers are online. It’s up to you to figure out a way to reach them, but a digital marketing agency can help you.

Who is Mebsites?

Mebsites is a digital marketing agency composed of a team of experts. Their team guides businesses through online marketing using an evidence-based approach. They work with entrepreneurs and businesses in various industries, including health, food, tech, and home goods. Their insight and guidance help businesses utilize online marketing to grow, thrive, and sustain.

They offer free 20 minute consultations to discuss your web project. Whether you’re getting started with your website, struggling to get your clients to click on your existing website, or looking for ways to improve upon your existing practices, someone from their team would be happy to talk to you!

What SEO services does Mebsites offer?

Mebsites is a full-stack digital SEO agency with experience with websites, hosting, design, SEO, blockchain, and security. No matter if you’re located on the Gold Coast, or you’re an international client, their agency can help improve your digital marketing and get you ranked higher on search engines. They have an online marketing team to help support you, offer maintenance services and 24/7 hosting, eCommerce, and website support.

Web services

Mebsites can help you design, code, or manage a website. Having a successful business website is important because it helps you rank higher on search engines. They’ll consider your branding and company goals, plus research your market to ensure that they’re aware of expectations and trends within your industry.

Their team uses a performance-first approach when designing your web pages to ensure that your website is loading as quickly as possible. A slow-loading website hurts your search engine ranking and your website’s usability, which hurts your sales and profits. Once your website is created, they’ll also help with website maintenance and website marketing.

Web hosting

If you need a web host, Mebsites can help you find affordable and fast hosting. They have a worldwide network of high-speed SSD servers and provide weekly backups. It’s crucial to have a good web host to maximize your profits. If your web host crashes, customers will not be able to access your site and be unable to learn about your services and products. Mebsites can help find hosting that will increase your revenue, help your SEO ranking, and keep your content secure.


Mebsites uses legitimate SEO techniques to get businesses ranked higher on search engines. They focus on a range of search engine optimization, including local business SEO, multi-business location SEO, and nation SEO. SEO is important for greater searchability and visibility.

Since most businesses focus specifically on their local market, Mebsites knows the algorithms that Google and other search engines use so that businesses can rank higher in their local area. This can be a highly detailed process, but their team has the experience and tools to do it correctly. Some of the techniques they use include local backlinking, Pay Per Click advertising, and utilizing Google My Business.

Graphic Design

If you’re working on building brand identity through graphics, Mebsites has a team that can help you! Developing a good business identity is important because that is how you’ll present yourself to the public. You’ll want to make a good first impression to draw customers in.

Mebsites can help with your logo design, business cards, website design, digital art, and even physical marketing such as flyers and brochures.

Are clients happy with Mebsites?

Yes! Over 115 clients have provided a 5-star review of their services. Mebsites is committed to helping its customers develop plans that will increase their profits. If you’re interested in checking out some of their recent projects, check out their online portfolio. You can see examples of their graphic design, logo design, website design, and branding services.

In conclusion

If you’re not utilizing digital marketing, you should be! Hiring a company such as Mebsites will help you rank higher on search engines, and you’ll see an increase in customers and profit. If you’re curious about what Mebsites can do for you specifically, make sure to schedule your free consultation with them.

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