How to Make Your Home Office A More Productive Place

home office

Working from home and becoming self employed is the dream for many. A large percentage of us spend much of our working week trying to find ways or finding the courage to finally say goodbye to our regular 9-5, our boss who is less than supportive and those same old, same old office politics.

Building your empire at the kitchen table or your home office is a great feeling of independence and excitement. You’re your own boss. You are in charge. That glass ceiling is no more! And while you’re still a fledgling business you won’t need to worry about things like health and safety signage just like these, employing staff and business rates, allowing you to focus your attentions on building your business from scratch and watching it grow. However any entrepreneur will tell you that whilst working from home can be fun, relaxed and enjoyable, it can also be difficult to concentrate, full of distractions and far to easy for things to go wrong with the only person you can blame being yourself!

Read on for 4 ways to make your home office a more productive place.

Choose the right location of your home office

Most need a level of silence to work well, while others don’t mind the background noise of the TV, the kids playing or the neighbours dog. No matter what your style is, working in a busy room at home is a big no-no. No matter how well you could unplug yourself from noise at your old office job, whilst you’re at home, distraction will eventually creep in. Choose a workspace that is quiet, out of the main traffic areas of your home or at the very least has a door that you can close.

Nature is your friend

Spending time with plants and surrounded by nature, lowers our blood pressure and helps us to relax. So, bringing some of the outdoors in, is a great idea. Adding a couple of house plants to your office space will give it an instantly fresh and relaxing feel. It also creates variety and something pleasant to view when you’re taking a much needed break. If keeping a plant alive isn’t your forte, try arranging your desk so you can enjoy the view from the window or opt for a resilient succulent instead!


Giving yourself the space to work and to flow fluently from task to task is imperative for the stay at home worker. But your efforts are going to be hindered if you’re swimming through piles of old documents, mugs of lukewarm coffee, the remnants of your lunch and the kids toys. Clutter plays havoc with your concentration, so keep what’s on your desk to the bare minimum but keep what you’re going to need within reach.

A place to take a break

Having somewhere to take a break is important for any worker. Set up a relaxing space in your office area and make it especially for your breaks. Add some light exercise equipment, a comfy armchair and a book or two. You’ll be able to head back to work with a refreshed mind.