Turning a Spare Room into a Home Office – 6 Tips

home office tips

More and more people these days are choosing to work from home. Thanks to the advancement of certain technologies, many people can now do their work from the comfort of their own home. However, you may find that when working from home, you wish you had a dedicated spot for it. So whether you’re looking to start your own business, or you’re just moving your work office to your home, here are a few tips you can use to turn that spare room into a home office.

Paint it a New Color

First, think about what color you want the room to be. Different colors give different atmospheres to a room. The current color may give you a relaxing feeling when you really want something that will help you get motivated. You’ll want to think about the color first because once you start moving furniture in, it will become much harder to paint. After you decide on a color, spend a weekend getting the job done yourself, or hire a professional home painting company.

Shop for Furniture

Next, you need some furniture in your home office. Which furniture you need will depend on what type of office you’re looking to have. However, at a minimum, you’ll likely need a desk and a desk chair. After that, you can get things like a couch, some extra storage cabinets, chairs, shelves, etc. Think about what kind of furniture you want in there, then start shopping. You can find furniture either at a local furniture store, online, at garage sales or even on Craigslist.

Grab the Right Technology

For your office to function properly, you’ll need the right technology. You’ll likely need a computer, maybe a printer, a phone, a fax machine, and more. When shopping for this equipment, make sure you have space for it lined up within your office. You don’t want to get everything and realize that the outlets in your room aren’t close enough to plug anything in!

Speaking of outlets, make sure you don’t overload the outlet with your new equipment. Home offices sometimes require a lot of technology, which then uses a lot of electricity. If you plug too much in, you could overload your home’s electrical system, especially if you live in an older home. According to this electrician in Norman OK older homes “aren’t equipped to handle the load of electrical devices that we possess now. The overload leads to short-circuiting or starts a fire. You need a professional inspection of the circuit breakers and fuses to avoid such situations.”

Organize Your Home Office

Now that you’ve started assembling everything, it’s time to organize your home office. It’s hard to work when everything around you is cluttered, so you’ll want a solid organizational system. Designate your drawers for certain things, or get some additional storage tubs if you need them. Grab things like a cup for your pens, or a corkboard to hang important messages on. Your office may eventually become a mess as you become busy with work, but you can at least start it off on the right foot.

Set Boundaries

By this point, your home office is essentially complete. The next thing you should do is talk with your family or anyone you’re living with. Explain to them that your home office is a place of business, and should, therefore, be treated as such. During working hours, they need to respect your boundaries as you’re trying to get things done. You don’t want your kids barging in every day while they’re on Summer break, interrupting your workflow. But if you can establish some simple boundaries from the start, your home office should become a productive place to work.

Keep the Receipts

Finally, during this entire process, keep all your shopping receipts. In many cases, you can write-off these expenses on your taxes and save a little money. Home offices are a tax deduction, so be sure you claim it when the time comes, as long as you qualify. You can learn more about the home office deduction here.

Get Started on Your Home Office Today

Working from home offers a lot of advantages. You don’t have to deal with traffic, you don’t have to pack a lunch, and you can even work in your pajamas. However, you’ll still likely want a place to work that’s just for work so that you can better concentrate. So get started on your home office using the tips above, and before long that spare room you had will become the most productive room in your house.