Tips to Keep Your Kids Connected and Safe

internet usage

Whether we like to believe it or not, today’s kids are a lot smarter than those born 20 or 30 years ago. While many factors have contributed to that, technology is the major factor. In today’s world, education is online, homework is done from online research, and kids have fun by playing online games instead of real football. You can get access to very affordable internet options using

The serious risks associated with internet usage, however, tend to overshadow the amazing benefits of technology. There is no disputing that your child needs to stay connected to survive in this world. The question is, how do you keep them connected and safe?

1. Talk to them about internet safety

The Center for Cyber Safety and Education study has indicated that 40% of children under 14 are talking to strangers online and giving out their personal information. One of the major reasons this happens is the lack of awareness on the kid’s part because they are still innocent. Have a talk with your kids on the dangers posed by the internet. Talk to them about cyberbullying, online predators, unauthorized sites, and how to protect themselves from such.

2. Listen to them

There are two ways you can find out information about your kid’s internet usage; spy on their devices or just listen to them. Interestingly, your child can tell you all about their internet use, if you pretend you don’t know anything about the online world. Your kid will be happy to introduce you to social media and show you how it works. Use that opportunity to ask a question and listen. Don’t be judgmental when they say something you were not expecting. Remain open-minded and engaging.

3. Use parental control software

Parental control was the best invention after the internet. It lets you keep tabs on your kid’s online activities, block malicious websites, and control their internet time. Since you cannot spend every waking hour with your child, you can use such software to regulate what they do online and keep them safe. Some apps so well developed that your kids won’t know you are spying on them. When you find something you need to ask about, do it in a way that will not show you were spying on them.

4. Keep computers in common areas

There is very little mischief your child can get into when they are in front of everyone. As much as they want privacy, internet usage should be done in public. Keep your computers in the living area, and make sure all the devices are only used in the living room. It is easy to monitor what is happening when it’s in the open.

Parents have the primary responsibility to protect their kids from all sorts of danger, especially online. Be present, available, and very close to your children so they can open up to you at any time. Being connected helps you notice any behavioral change that needs to be addressed. Have rules your kids should follow, to make sure they are using the internet for good.