Tips for a Clean Office Space

office clean

With the various responsibilities of daily work life, cleanliness may not necessarily be at the forefront of one’s mind when running an office. Yet workplace hygiene is a must and is something that shouldn’t be taken for granted. Adopt these measures to make sure your office is a healthy and spotless environment.

Target the Kitchens

It’s not uncommon for people to bring in their own lunch to work, but go that extra mile and make sure you and your coworkers consider leaving the kitchen spotless a given. Try sticking a laminated “kitchen etiquette” list on the wall or the refrigerator reminding employees to clean spills, dishes and so forth, and make sure no one leaves anything perishable around for long periods of time. Remind employees who eat at their desk to adopt a similar standard.

Keep the Carpets Clean

Carpeted flooring is common in many offices, yet while comfortable, it can also accumulate stains and trap moisture easily. Establish a regular carpet cleaning schedule based on the kind of carpet installed and how often people use it. In frequently “trafficked” areas, for instance, vacuuming daily is a given, and a full office clean (including shampooing) should be done at least twice a year. Try finding a service specifically dedicated to the task in your area, which can be as easy as say, typing carpet cleaning in Ottawa into a search engine—although you’re better off searching on Angie’s List or the BBB, which offer options with higher review standards.

Hire Professional Janitors

Carpets are the only things that need a good cleaning. Trash and dirt can accumulate in places people might not even expect, which is why it’s sensible to hire an agency with a trained eye for cleanliness.

Wipe Down That Tech

Many jobs require working at a computer often, but not everyone realizes just how many germs can accumulate on the keyboard and even the monitor. Keep some wipes and other sanitary products specifically for computers handy at the office so workers can keep grime, food residue, dust and whatever else to a minimum.

Have Sanitation Supplies Handy

Make keeping your office clean as easy as possible by making sure the office is never short on dishwasher soap, antibacterial fluid for the windows and desks—even a hand sanitizer dispenser, to keep germs from being passed around.

Cleaning doesn’t have to be a hassle, although consistency is key. Apply these tips regularly and you’ll have an office you and your coworkers will look forward to coming to.