3 Office Cleaning Tips For A Healthy Office

It is important to have a healthy and clean office to run a successful business. However, many business owners only take notice of these things when they go out of hand. Businesses need to have a checklist that ensures that their office is healthy and employees’ productivity is optimum. Here are some tips to help you with office cleaning and maintenance.

1. Take a good look at the office

Whenever you assess a problem, you need to take a wide-angle view of the physical presence of the organization. Think about all the places that are hard to maintain and are dirty. There are many high-traffic areas that are prone to wear and tear and need to be looked after. The glass entrance doors might be mottled with fingerprints and the entrance could show signs of dirt from foot traffic.

Jesse Freeman from SouthernCrossCleaning.com says that an easy way to reduce the number of employees getting sick is to always keep a clean and tidy office. You need to identify areas that need cleaning and ensure that the employees pitch in.

2. Involve employees in office cleaning

To ensure that the office is clean and well maintained, it is important to involve all the employees. You will have to increase awareness amongst the employees concerning cleanliness and involve them in activities that keep the office clean. It can be as simple as cleaning up their desk once they are done for the day. Do not try to make it a regulation but encourage them to do the cleaning activities regularly.

3. Create a daily, weekly and monthly office cleaning checklist

You need to ensure that the office remains clean throughout the year. However, not all cleaning activities need to be performed daily. You need to address some issues daily and some on a weekly or monthly basis. Prepare a checklist of all the activities and ensure that you will implement them most appropriately.

You should clean personal hygiene facilities like the toilet daily. Also, you will need to clean larger spaces like the cubicles every week, and you can clean the storeroom once a year. You should also carry out pest control exercises once a year. You need to update the list with as many activities as you consider to be important. That’s why it is a good idea to ask for help from a commercial pest control company.

Keep these three essential tips in mind and prepare a checklist that will help maintain the office in an ideal condition. You need to ensure that all employees in the office are aware of the daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning activities and they actively engage in the same. If you need professionals for certain cleaning activities like maintenance of the air conditioning or heating system and a pest control activity, you need to schedule preventive maintenance well in advance.

Dragan Sutevski

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