Top Bitcoin Trading Strategies You Should Know

Bitcoin is one of the commonest digital currencies in the world and this can be attributed partly to the fact that the cryptocurrency was the first digital currency to scale. Over the years, Bitcoin has managed to generate widespread buzz and followership among several persons online and remains one of the most relied upon digital currencies available out there.

Having risen from less than $0.10 in 2009 to nearly $20,000 in 2017, Bitcoin has shown a lot of prospects, especially as it boasts of impressive upsides, giving investors innovative assets to bank on. With Bitcoin being a highly volatile digital currency as it is affected by both internal and external factors such as government regulations, surges, and more, according to information on, there is the need for intending traders to get as many tips on how to make the best possible decisions when trading.

To get the most out of your Bitcoin trading career, below are some of the recommended tips to follow.

Conduct Your Research

One of the biggest factors that should influence your decision to trade in Bitcoin should be the information that you have gathered from the several types of research which you have conducted into the topic of interest. Before deciding as to whether or not you are interested in trading Bitcoin, it is recommended that as a trader, you conduct proper research into the market; the strategies involved, and also arm yourself with all the information needed to make a profit in the market.

Seeing as bitcoin may be regarded as volatile, it is necessary that you gather information, either from existing traders or those who have successfully made fortune from trading, leveraging on their experience and learning more on how the market works to place you at an advantage over an average new entrant.

Be careful

Trading Bitcoins is quite risky, and so is any other trade. However, when plunging into the bitcoin trading world, there is the need to ensure that you have a certain safety net or a risk management solution associated with your trading decisions. As a starter, you should always be wary of making decisions that can plunge you into debt. To make sure you stay on the safe side, ensure that you invest only as much money as you wish to lose.

Doing this, especially during the trial and error phase will allow you to better learn the roped and of course, get better at trading without necessarily losing all your capital. Knowing crypto exchange rates will help you convert prices between btc to usd in real-time.

Have a plan in place

Before plunging into the bitcoin trading market, it is essential that similar to any other project, you have a plan in place. Failing at creating a solid and realistic plan can lead to several risks which may eventually send you out of the market. Before making trades, it is recommended that you set the goals which you wish to achieve and also figure out what you stand to lose and how much a loss would impact you.

Stage in

As part of your plan to manage the volatility of bitcoin, you may initiate the stage in the plan. Staging involves putting a small amount of money into trading while you learn the ropes. This is a safety precaution that guarantees that you will not lose all of your startup capital as a result of one bad trading decision. Also, you can easily begin to introduce more money into the trading platform as you get better at it, thus allowing you to better track growth and also monitor earnings.

Hedging of bets

Hedging of your bets is also an important part of risk management at the onset of trading. There are several tools that can help you in achieving this. Through hedging, you can better manage the risks associated with a specific decision such as a rise or fall in assets. Also, as an investor, you may choose hedging tools that can provide a payout in the event an asset falls under a certain value. You can also use the altcoin trading bot to start automatic crypto trading.


Through diversification, bitcoin traders can enjoy a wide range of advantages. With bitcoin being an option among the several cryptocurrencies available online, traders can choose to diversify into other currencies, making sure that the value of their money is not tied directly only to one cryptocurrency. Through this, traders can protect their investment, especially when one cryptocurrency harms the rise or fall of another.


While bitcoin trading appears to be one of the most interesting and flexible online business options for many, there is the need to consider risks and put in place measures to better manage them. There are several strategies investors can put in place to ensure this, to learn more, visit

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