What Are The Teardrop Flags?

teardrop flags

If you are looking for ways to present your brand, you might have heard about teardrop banners. Teardrop banners? You wonder what that means.

They are called teardrop flags and in some places, teardrop feather flags. They look like the shape of a teardrop. The process of making this flag is printing with the sublimation technique. These pieces of flags have a lot of benefits which make them a good choice for brands on many occasions. The feather-like flag is usually attached to fiberglass and portable aluminum. These frames can either be made to stand on their own or can be attached to another structure especially a kind of flag stand. Most of these poles can be bent, which is important to keep the pole taut under the influence of wind.

They are movable and if you keep one in front of a shop or store, it is attractive to passers and will call their attention to your business.

Benefits Of Using The Teardrops Banners

Why will you use the Teardrop banners when you can just switch to something else, say, a billboard, for instance? Well, a billboard has its own purpose which will not be argued in this article. But when you use a teardrop banner, some things are meant to come as uniquely peculiar to the flag. They are

1. Marketing Tool

This is the main purpose of the flag. If you are designing a flag, this aim should be important to keep in mind. Your designer would have done an excellent job so that the flag draws the needed attention. Once erected in a strategic place, your business will get more attention and then things will go as planned. But then, the design must be top-notch.

The design must be beautiful. This will give you the needed courage to stand the banner anywhere you wish. It should be really eye-catching in terms of color, image, and fonts.

2. Mobility

They are easy to move around. Just pick them off their stand or with their stands and you can take them to another new location. In fact, for this reason, many companies design a teardrop flag and host it in different locations where they have seminars or meetings, or campaigns. Anywhere they want to go and put a piece of identification, they can take the teardrop flags with them. Unlike billboards which are mostly fixed and immovable, you can use teardrops over and over again in different locations. The carrying and hosting of the flag will not be a stressful exercise.

3. Versatility

One thing is that you can use the flag in many locations; another thing is that you can use it both inside and outside a building. Do you want to put it inside your store? It’s fine. Once you can find a little space for the stand to be erected, you are fine. Do you want to erect it in front of your company’s headquarters? That’s absolutely possible too. The idea is just to raise these little tools for creating awareness as high as the level of a human eye. It can even stand at the entrance of the CEO’s office if that is what you want.

Your Options

There are different designs of teardrop flags. Although the purpose does not really change, you should know your options and make the right choice.

The Double-Sided Type

These are more effective in terms of space usage. They have two sides that are directly opposite each other. This means with just one stand, you can maximize the space and give out more information and yes, the flag will be more noticeable than on the single side. There is a lining that divides the two-sided type. This will prevent the two sides from revealing themselves through one another.

The Single Side

The single side has only one side which is visible when you are looking from the back. It is a ‘print through’ kind of design.

Although if you look at the single side you will realize that they are not as effective as the double-sided, the single side has another advantage. They are cheaper. And if you have a small company or a new startup that has little funds, this is a good option for you.

Generally, either for indoor or outdoor use, teardrop flags are a good marketing tool. Depending on your manufacturer, the flags should be suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. It should resist the weather and still be beautiful for indoor conferences, seminars, and meetings.