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Don Forman Las Vegas Businessman Extraordinaire

don forman las vegas

Owner of Don Forman Nissan, Don Forman represents the entrepreneurial spirit and the spirit of philanthropy. While Forman is a businessman, it is not just the bottom line that matters to him. Forman exemplifies the belief in giving back to the community his business depends on.

In numerous ways, Forman sets a positive example for businessmen, entrepreneurs, and people in general. When his community was faced with challenges and tribulations, he used his dealership and position within the community to do good, and he also made the altruistic choice to partner with the Fox5 Surprise Squad.

Forman’s Business Philosophy

Don Forman Las Vegas is a businessman to whom the bottom line is not the bottom line. From day one of Forman’s career, he made a commitment to himself and to the community to meld business and philanthropy. Forman is unique in that he doesn’t choose to do good to promote his business, but for the pure motivation of making a difference to the people around him.

Forman values the primacy of community and making a difference. His goal of melding the two with business has been one of the best success stories of the area. With every customer interaction, Forman endeavours to be as helpful, courteous, and understanding of people’s situations and finances as possible.

Fox5 Surprise Squad

Partnering with the Fox5 Surprise Squad, Forman is able to make the ultimate difference in the lives of people around him in a multitude of ways. What the Surprise Squad does is travel around the local community looking for worth individuals. When a touching story or kind-hearted person in need of assistance is discovered, the Surprise Squad surprises them with something to make their lives better or to improve the lives of others they are trying to help.

Whether the lucky recipients are students and teachers trying to raise funds for a class field trip or valuable life experience, a foster family that helps countless children get a better start in life, or giving a person who delivers food to the needy a new vehicle to help them to better serve, the Squad leaves smiles in their wake.

No one knows where the Squad will pop up and what they will do next, but what the public does know is that happiness will be left in their wake and the ripple-effect of people doing good will be felt and appreciated by all those touched by it.

Forman’s Dealership Does Good

Forman’s Dealership is not just there to sell cars. After Vegas was devastated by the 2017 massacre, the likes of which the city had never seen or experienced, Forman used his dealership to step up. He shifted focus from selling cars to offering rides for those willing to donate blood to the victims of the shootings.

For the days immediately after the shootings, he didn’t worry about selling cars and making money; he worried, instead, about helping those in need.

One of the hardest things about living in a world where things like the 2017 Las Vegas massacre take place is to not lose faith in humanity. People like Don Forman Las Vegas believe that it is in these moments that the kindness of humanity needs to shine the brightest.

Don Forman Las Vegas is a businessman, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. Through his role with the Fox5 Surprise Squad, the use of his dealership in times of emergency, and his approach to his place in the business world and his local community, Forman proves that you really can do it all: run a business, make money, and make a difference in the community that business depends upon.

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