Why Every Startup Needs At Least One Dedicated Salesperson

While you should build startups to run on the bare minimums to keep costs down to an optimal low, you should not compromise some aspects. Even though you may assume your products are incredible enough to sell themselves, it would be wise to have one dedicated salesperson to enhance profits with proven sales tactics.

As many startups attempt to cut company costs which may result in sales becoming a responsibility for the marketing team or even the company’s owner, there are several fantastic benefits paired with hiring at least one salesperson. Here are the crucial reasons why you should consider hiring an impressive sales candidate.

Sell More

The most notable benefit of hiring a salesperson would logically be that your business would essentially close far more deals. Regardless of how great your product is, sales are not an automatic achievement. As the sales process can take a lot of time and unwavering effort, it would be best to hand the stressful task over to someone who is adequately capable.

Alternatively, you could consider promoting an existing employee and providing them with the opportunity to partake in online sales training classes, as this method may essentially be somewhat more cost-efficient in comparison to employing a skilled professional.

Allow Other Employees To Focus On Their Strengths

Handing over the responsibility of sales to your marketing team or even your administration department may seem like a logical method of getting the work done. In reality, this will result in other departments being neglected to some degree. Your marketing team should already focus on their strengths which means that any additional responsibility would harm productivity.

Receive Useful Feedback

When handing out part-time sales responsibilities, the sales process would logically be minimal; therefore, you may not be receiving valuable feedback from prospective clients. The information would surely get misplaced and lost due to your staff being under far too much pressure. However, when relying on at least one dedicated salesperson, you will be able to take advantage of valuable feedback that would affect and inherently better your product and the success of your business.

Building Strong Relationships

There is truly so much more to sales rather than merely finding suitable buyers and closing a deal. The effort of building and maintaining relationships with clients will prove a valuable decision for the success of your business. While lead generation will surely provide quality leads for sales, these leads would need nurturing as part of the sales process. When considering that the average business can lose up to 30% of their customers each year, it would be wise to ensure you have a highly skilled professional focused on keeping customers loyal and enticed long-term rather than once-off.

Get Alternative Perspective

While running a business and aiming for success is undoubtedly no walk in the park, you would understandably be focused on managing your startup. This means that the alternative perspective that a salesperson can provide would be undeniably beneficial as they can look at things from a customer’s perspective.

Dragan Sutevski

Posted by Dragan Sutevski

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