How Has Technology Changed the Gaming Industry

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In 2007, when Steve Jobs stepped on stage to introduce the Apple iPhone, we had no idea that he was about the change the gaming industry as we knew it. It wasn’t the iPhone alone that changed gaming, however. A number of technological innovations and improvements over the past ten years or so have made incredible strides in gaming.

The way we play games now is completely different than in 2007. With the way technology is rapidly advancing, it’s likely we’ll see a completely new brand of gaming again a few years from now.

So, how exactly has technology changed the gaming industry? Let’s explore the many ways it’s impacted the reality of gaming worldwide:

1. HD Games are available through the Internet

No longer is a console required in order to play a console-quality video game. Through what is basically a web browser, many gaming companies will allow you to participate with games similar to what you’d find on a console or otherwise.

This makes gaming more accessible to everyone. No longer do you have to purchase a separate, expensive piece of equipment to enjoy your gaming experience. Instead, you can simply log on to whatever device you normally use to browse the web.

These advancements mean that soon we can expect to see these kinds of games on both tablets and smartphones.

2. Games are cheap

Remember back when PlayStation games would cost upwards of $50? That used to be the normal standard. Prices have dropped so much that one could argue we’ve become spoiled by such accessible rates as $1 on the App Store.

This has attracted an entirely new breed of buyers who are willing to pay a few bucks for a game. These games aren’t terrible quality, either. Their graphics can be just as good as what consoles like Playstation 2 support.

3. Games connect people

Playing video games alone is a thing of the past. Even though online gaming is still a generally solitary activity, the connectivity of the Internet has allowed friends to join together to play virtually. Games like Words with Friends made this type of play popular, and many other games have now adopted similar ideas. Many online games today are asynchronous, which means you can play them at any moment – whether or not your friends are online.

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4. Smartphones make gaming mobile

Steve Jobs’ iPhone model revolutionized the way we see a phone, a camera, and a computer. Now we get all three in one, plus so much more. One of the many ways Apple changed gaming was in the sports betting genre, specifically. What used to be a stationary activity that took place at home in front of a desktop computer can now happen just about anywhere on sites like Sbobet. Many sports betting companies now even allow players to update their balances via text or an app. It’s generally made betting easier, more convenient, and more easily accessible at any given moment.

Honorable Mention: There are also a number of gaming gadgets, like printer stopwatches, keyboards, and visual headsets to elevate the gaming experience.

Any of these upgrades have the potential to completely change the way you relax, place bets, and hang out with friends.