Five Pieces Of Software To Streamline Your Day-To-Day Business


In business we’re always looking to streamline processes and techniques in order to boost profits and create more time to focus on the task in hand.

If a shortcut can be taken, then it’s often worth taking, as long as quality of service isn’t compromised, of course.

There are many ways in which people take steps to streamline their work and make business practices more efficient. Quite often that’ll be through software.

There are dozens of pieces of kit out there that can help you work more efficiently, with a number of the most common and effective features below…

Password Manager

Password Managers are incredible little tools that will store all your passwords in one place to ensure that you don’t lose any, and they’re kept incredibly secure.

A password manager securely holds all your passwords and all you need to do is log-in to your password manager and they’ll unlock every site you have an account for when you visit the site.

For example, if you wanted to log-in to Google Analytics, all you would need to do is ensure your Analytics account is in your manager and as long as you were signed into that, you’d be able to sign straight in with no trouble.

When creating new accounts, they will also generate passwords for you that are almost impossible to crack, preventing any sort of hacking.

There are dozens on the market, many of which have fantastic reviews at relatively low cost. The likes of LastPass, 1Password and RoboForm are among the highest rated, as stated on bestonlinereviews and will ensure you never need to remember a password again!

Business Management Software

For small businesses especially, business management software can be hugely useful in running day-to-day tasks.

They can help you save money and will perform a series of different tasks, including creating quotes, operating as timesheet software, highlight details of projects, chase up leads, and tons more.

Ultimately they offer businesses the chance to clearly track projects from start to finish, ensuring you stay one step ahead and never end up behind.

You’ll generally find that multiple people can use the system, so you can offer all colleagues and employees access and really make sure everyone is singing from the same hymn sheet.

Video Conferencing Software

Business can take place globally in just a few clicks these days, and one of the best ways to connect is via video conferencing software.

The likes of Skype for Business are among the most popular with businesses, offering the ability to connect with over 200 people, as well as being able to record meetings and share screens and files.

Every business should have some form of this software as it is a much more personable experience than email and even telephone. It can often be the difference between winning a pitch and losing one.

Other popular software includes Zoom, Bluejeans, Adobe Connect, and Google Hangouts, available with any Gmail account.


VPNs are useful to businesses for a wide range of reasons, and particularly for those who spend time travelling and connecting to various Wi-Fi hotspots.

First and foremost they will offer an added layer of security as by connecting to a VPN will allow you to browse the web anonymously, essentially camouflaging yourself from any hackers.

As well as this you can connect to remote servers while you’re away from the office, allowing you to access work no matter where you are in the world.

What’s more, if you are working away and you’re struggling to access files due to geoblocking, you can connect to a different server, with VPNs allowing you to log-in to servers from around the world and essentially allow you to browse sites as if you were in that nation. This can be particularly useful if you need to access a site for research or even to work on that is otherwise blocked. For example, you’ll find many news and entertainment sites perfectly accessible in the USA that are blocked in the likes of the Middle East.

24/7 CRM System

Having that relationship with clients and customers is always important and CRM software can really help businesses connect with them.

You can boost the conversations you’re having and improve revenue across a range of channels. You can categorise customers and create targets and goals for each category.

The likes of Hubspot, Zoho and Pobuca are among the most popular and you really will feel the benefit, with them almost guaranteed to improve customer relations due to the fact you can manage every aspect of a customers journey through the funnel.