Are You Optimizing Your Landing Pages Correctly?

landing page

As marketers, you must be aware of the fact that landing pages can make or break any marketing campaign. All your efforts are pointless if your landing pages aren’t optimized for conversions.

Hence, you must be sensing the vitality of creating a well-strategized landing page with engaging content and a great design. Thinking of how you can do it? Well, we have already sorted this out for you. Read on and you will know!

Let your content do the talking

One of the most horrible mistakes made by marketers today is offering a clickable pop-up banner head which is different from the main content and what the marketer has to offer. This will undoubtedly gain traction and attract a decent number of clicks; however, one cannot expect leads and conversions through it. Hence, all the effort goes in vain as the ultimate aim of any business is to increase conversions and maximize profits which are not happening here.

In such a case, marketers must ensure that the content of their landing page is engaging and intriguing enough. Only in such a way, the visitors will take action steps that you want to take. The content must answer the question: “What’s in it for me?” In such a way, you are putting customer’s personal context as the first thing inside your landing pages.

Here are some questions your landing page will need to answer:

  • What is my real problem?
  • How you can help me solve my problem?
  • What is the journey I will need to pass to solve my problem?
  • What I will get as the value?
  • What do I need to do next to start solving my problem?

Simple and clutter-free design is the way to go

Around 48% of eLearning landing pages comprise multiple offers. The stats are quite overwhelming in the sense that the audience gets distracted due to this, which brings down the conversion rates drastically. With this, it’s pretty clear that nobody likes a huge heap of information placed on a single landing page!

So, you must make sure that the design of your landing page is simple, decent, and comprises the right amount of information. Furthermore, don’t let your users be distracted with anything irrelevant!

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Page load time must be taken care of

Does your website or landing page take too long to load? And, what exactly is too long for you?

As per a 2017 study by Akamai, over 53% of web users leave a web page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. So, are you aligned with this? If not, then you’re definitely losing out on a majority of visitors. This been said, it is quite clear where you should focus on. Get all page load issues resolved as soon as possible.

Visuals are a must

Human brain processes images over 60,000 times faster than content’. So, consider it and make visuals a valuable asset for your landing page in eLearning or any other industry. Just like elearning popup banners increase awareness about all the latest product offerings, so is the reach of landing pages as well.

Visuals are not only easily consumed, processed, and comprehended by users in all spheres and industries across the globe but also help convey your message with ease. So, what are you waiting for? Include a bunch of enticing and relevant visuals and let your audience remain glued to your landing page.

landing page visuals

Pay close attention to your forms

Including an extensively large opt-in form on your landing page is yet another common mistake made by most marketers, as something which consumes too much of your prospect’s time is a major turn off. As users click on your pop-up banner ad, it is not essential they would fill the huge list of details you’ve asked for. As it is, no one has too much time to spare. So, act smart and include a form that is very precise and short.