Can I use NDT in my construction business?

It can be hard to get everything right in the construction business. But, in many cases, it is important to verify that you’re doing it right. After all, the building you’re constructing needs to stand for many years and protect the people living and working inside it.

Of course, you can’t use destructive testing methods on your construction projects because they’ll destroy all your hard work and leave you starting again. That’s why it’s important to utilize non-destructive testing and the best possible non-destructive testing equipment.

What Is Non Destructive testing?

In short it is testing a product to ensure it reaches a certain standard. But, the test is carried out without causing damage to the product. This means it can still be used afterward and the test is very specific.

For example, a non-destructive test on a car is not suggesting that all cars reach a certain standard. But, it does confirm that the specific car tested does reach the required standard.

Using NDT in your construction business

In fact, there are several types of NDT that can be used in the construction business.

Wave Technology

This uses waves to confirm the thickness and integrity of pipe walls. While it probably isn’t necessary if you’re building your own home, it is an essential test if you’re constructing a road or drainage system. Being able to check the pipework is safe will make it easier for you to provide a high-quality product.

In fact, this technique can also be used within the oil industry which has thousands of miles of pipework.

Ultrasonic & Infrared Testing

Both of these methods can be used to assess the heat residual in concrete. This allows you to find spots that haven’t dried properly, identify voids, and even locate the spots that have a weakness.

This approach won’t damage the concrete although you may have to if it fails the non-destructive test.

Positive Material Identification

This NDT allows you to discover what material you’re dealing with. It is exceptionally useful when you’re digging foundations and come across an unknown substance. Testing it will allow you to decide the best course of action, especially if the material turns out to be hazardous.


This is an important test when you’re constructing something from concrete. It will confirm you got the mixture right and that your concrete is capable of standing up to the elements. If it allows too much penetration you’ll find that the concrete can go soft and give you a huge array of issues.

Visual Inspection

The power of visual inspection should never be overlooked. A visual inspection, especially with a magnifying device, will help you to identify imperfections in the surface of any building. This can be exceptionally useful when you need a perfect finish.

Alongside having the right NDT equipment, you need to know how to use it properly, this will ensure the results you get are valid and that you make the right modifications to your product.

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