Does Using A Proxy Lead To Instagram Promotion?

Whether you use Instagram for yourself, use it to market your business, or just happen to have multiple accounts that you put together to promote different types of lifestyle, a proxy might well be something that you should consider.

If you are unsure of what a proxy is, think of it as a scrambling service, it resides between you and Instagram as the middleman whose job is to hide your IP address and the amount of accounts associated with that IP address. Proxies or VPN’s make browsing far more secure and can keep you from flagging algorithms, but does having a proxy lead to an Instagram promotion? Is this something you should have just on the basis of security or because it can help you grow your accounts.

Proxy’s and Multiple Accounts

If you manage other people’s Instagram for a living or you have your own business that has multiple accounts underneath it, you are technically breaching Instagram’s terms of service. Whilst we are unsure of the exact number when Instagram starts shutting down multiple accounts, we are pretty sure it begins when you have three or more.

If you want to expand your portfolios reach or increase your brands’ visibility in your target market, a proxy is a good option for you. Instead of having to log out of the account you are working on each time, you can simply switch between them without flagging any algorithms that may block actions on your accounts. Having a proxy will also mask the actions that you are taking on the accounts, such as liking and following people in order to generate organic growth.

Proxy’s and Automation

Automation is always a tricky subject, if you are using automation on any of your accounts, there is no ‘technically breaching’ Instagram’s terms of service about it, you are absolutely breaching their terms of use for the platform, but as long as you are aware of that, you have accepted the risk of deploying this strategy. Automation is a brilliant tool that can help you expand your Instagram reach very quickly and effectively; it will get you in contact with your target audience faster than you could as long as you spend the time configuring the service.

If you don’t use a proxy whilst you are using automation, Instagram can see the IP address of the automation, look at your IP address and draw the conclusion that you are using automation in order to grow your account. If you use a proxy, you can hide all locations pertaining to your accounts without fear of setting off any flags. The proxy will also hide some of the actions taken on the account, whilst this is positive, don’t start configuring bots to follow a 1000 accounts a day, again we are unsure of the limit, but stick with the recommended 300/400 likes and follow rule, as far as we are aware it hasn’t got anyone banned from the platform as long as they remain conservative.

Does A Proxy Lead To Promotion?

You need to consider a proxy as just one tool at your disposal when it comes to Instagram, but it is one of those tools that you don’t really want to be without. Whilst proxy’s do not directly lead to increase Instagram promotion, one of the indirect effects of having one associated with your account is that you can grow and promote your Instagram more than you could if you didn’t have a proxy.

If you are thinking of applying a proxy to your account, check out this Instagram proxy list and work out which option is best for you. If you are managing your personal Instagram account and using the proxy for your own personal security, we recommend purchasing your own dedicated VPN, you don’t want to be sharing a group proxy where three or four of you have bought one together, there is far too much inherent risk involved and if Instagram is your living, the additional spend for your own proxy will always be worth it.

Final Thoughts

Using a proxy does not directly lead to increase Instagram promotion, but what it does do is give you the tools so that you can choose to increase automation and manage multiple accounts which will then indirectly increase promotion. When you think about proxy’s, automation and bots, always remember that these are tools to help you with your Instagram account, tools can be used incorrectly and they can also not give you the results that you want. Make sure you fully understand how a proxy can be added to your feeds and what benefits it can have for you. If you have the money available, always purchase your own private proxy, you don’t want to be sharing a server with other people that you don’t know or trust.

Dragan Sutevski

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