How to Handle a Personal Injury Case from Start to Finish?

personal injury start to finish

Every year, thousands of people are victims of personal injury accidents. If you’re one of the victims, there are a few things you can do to seek compensation.

Learn how to handle a personal injury case from start to finish.

Document Everything

The first thing you need to do is document everything. Every doctor’s appointment, medicine receipt, and medical procedure should be recorded and kept in a file.

You should also keep records of the accident. Over time, your memory of the incident will fade. Write down an account of the accident, and make it detailed. In your records, include contact information for anyone who witnessed the accident. Later on, your lawyer might contact them to investigate your case.

At the time of your accident, you should document as much as possible. This means taking pictures of the scene, looking for witnesses, and more. With smartphones everywhere, it’s become easier to document all types of personal injury accidents. There may also be video evidence from a nearby surveillance camera.

Hire an Attorney

Before moving forward with your case, you should contact a personal injury lawyer. They have experience handling personal injury claims and can take you through the legal process.

Without an attorney, you are left to handle everything on your own. This takes away time from your recovery and could hurt your case. While your attorney prepares to file your case, you should be seeing doctors and following through with treatment.

Many challenges come with filing a personal injury claim. If you make a mistake during the process, you could say goodbye to your chance at compensation. By working with an attorney like those at Craft Law Firm, you prevent making a mistake and maximize your chance at a positive outcome.

Issue a Demand Letter

Before your attorney files the lawsuit, they should issue a demand letter. This could resolve your case before it even gets started. The other party might be eager to keep the case out of the courtroom.

If nothing is resolved with the demand letter, you begin the filing process. Your lawyer will file a claim and get the ball rolling. From this point on, the length of your case depends on many factors. A resolution could be months or years away.

The Trial

Eventually, your case may go to trial. But this only happens if you and the other party do not have a successful mediation. In most personal injury cases, the two parties resolve the matter with a settlement during mediation. They agree on a settlement offer and sign a legally binding agreement.

If yours is one of the rare cases that does not end with a settlement, you will go to trial. Then, your attorney will use a legal strategy to prove your point. If they are effective, they will convince the judge or jury that you deserve compensation for your medical bills and other expenses.

Getting the Help You Need

In 2013, 6.4 million people visited New York State emergency rooms. Many of those visitors suffered injuries caused by negligence. If you were injured in an accident caused by someone else, you deserve compensation.

An attorney could tell you more about your chances of recovering your damages. Then, they will navigate you through the challenging legal process. To get started, visit the website here and connect with a reputable and experienced personal injury.