Are Your Business Premises Up To Scratch?

business premises

Business premises are expensive to run. But, because they are something you just cannot do without you have no choice but to stand the cost. They are essentially a tool that your business cannot function without. Naturally, your main focus when thinking about the layout and what it is used for is a practical one. You are more concerned than anything about how fit for the purpose those premises are.

This is understandable, but it is possible that by thinking this way you are missing a trick. Your business premises also have a role to play in building your brand and attracting new clients. But you need to pay attention to detail to successfully do this.

The right signage

Ordering professional-looking signs off of someone like is a good idea. Clear and neat signage will improve the look of your business. This little touch will help you to make a better impression on potential clients who visit you at your premises.

A tidy work environment

Every time someone interfaces with your business you have the chance to impress them. To make sure that when they need something it is you they turn to rather than one of your competitors. If they walk into an office that looks chaotic, with piles of paper everywhere, the chances are that they will not be impressed. Understandably, they will doubt your ability to do the job. This is the case whether you are running a car repair firm or are an accountant. Clutter and dirt do not inspire confidence.

A crisp clean exterior

It is particularly important to pay attention to the state of the outside of your buildings. They need to look as smart as possible. Letting moss grow on the roof and not re-painting the exterior for decades should be avoided.

There are several reasons for this. Most importantly you have to think about the impression you will be making on potential clients who may be passing by. Or even customers who you know are due to arrive for a meeting. Again, a shoddy exterior can be seen as a sign that you do not care much about your business. This could lead to people thinking that you will not do a good job for them.

Welcoming and professional looking staff

You also want to be sure that anyone who may come into contact with your customers also looks the part. This is why it is important to set high standards of dress and personal hygiene for your staff. If there is any chance that someone from the shop floor is going to be interfacing with customers they need to look presentable.

See your business premises as part of your marketing toolkit

As you can see, a lot of the above is about making a good impression and building your brand. Both of which are a part of marketing your business. That is something that all businesses need to do in order to maintain their market share. However, that is just part of the story. If you want to learn more about marketing your business you can do so by reading this.