Heads or Tails? Pick it Rather Than Tossing for It

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Which side to the coins running the digital money industry would you pick? With about 1600 varieties of cryptocurrency functioning, the most bewildering aspect of it would be to choose the right one. The age of being inclined to the aesthetics of any product is fading out into history; the specifications and salient features of each product rivaling to hit the top position runs the economy in any country.

As far as the cryptocurrency industry is concerned, new and refined facets should be introduced now and then; since the advent of the concept of cryptocurrency, daily innovations, rectifications, and revamps have taken the industry rolling with those ideas kindling within each techie’s labyrinth.

The next mammoth cryptocurrency idea could come into action as you read this. This eclectic industry of an intrinsically capricious nature has proven to have infinite prospects. The question that baffles most of the users is that of the best cryptocurrency or which one to opt for among these wide-ranging options. Several cryptocurrency analysis tools have been developed in the past years serving as a medium to help people out in picking the right option before leaping into it. Visit instacoins.com for a better understanding of the usage of cryptocurrency.

Several cryptocurrencies run in the market these days, with the pioneer Bitcoin still ruling the industry, a few contemporaries have proven to be worthy rivals and with each of them bringing new ideas and features into their product, the choice to make is a difficult one. Altcoins, which expand to alternate coins are the alternate cryptocurrencies to Bitcoin collectively named so. Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Dash, Monero, and Cardano are some of the most famous cryptocurrency names known to legit users. Many more names follow these with almost equitable specs and with this list running long, the yardstick to all these options need to be well-polished one to provide a clear picture of your choice. As many bogus critical analyses of these cryptocurrencies swarm on the web, the cognitive decision to come down to the right choice becomes one irksome task. The bandwidth of every user needs to widen to discern the sham from the genuine analyses and also to finally narrow it down to the best option of cryptocurrency. Well-experienced critics could give clarity on the technical advantages and drawbacks of each cryptocurrency.

Best Ones in the Business


Technical analysis of Bitcoin is being regularly done with each update and the precise reviews could give each user a clear idea of how the profile of this cryptocurrency is. The price analysis also guides investors on the path to better investment plans, also the technical and price charts when studied help each person to make plans and layouts to adopt the most prospective one.

Bitcoin is the very first cryptocurrency that was developed and with the subsequent rectifications brought by the new cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin found it quite difficult to compete with these rivals in the business. But Bitcoin, the pioneer would always remain the king and in time developers found ways to keep up the standards to the rivals kept updating with. And even in the current scenario with numerous other cryptocurrencies also known as altcoins running the race, Bitcoin remains in the top position.

The market cap value and the technical aspects are always appraised by those critics and analyzers and presented regularly for the users and miners to work accordingly. The recent market cap value of Bitcoin stands at about $661 million.


Litecoin was launched back in 2011 by Charlie Lee, a former Google employee, to be one of the biggest rivals of Bitcoin. Almost similar to Bitcoin, Litecoin does have a few peculiarities like faster block generation at 2.5 minutes when compared to Bitcoin which works at about a block generation duration of 10 minutes. Litecoin now stands at a market cap value of $2.63 billion, making it the top and most worthy opponent of Bitcoin.


Ethereum was launched back in 2015, with better privacy options to enhance the functions of cryptocurrency. Ethereum stands at a market cap value of $12.49 billion.


Launched back in 2016, Zcash is a decentralized open-source cryptocurrency which aimed at competing with the other cryptocurrencies to develop a standard to sustain in the industry to introduce enhanced features into it.


It was launched in 2014, with the objective of creating a more anonymous nature attributed to the cryptocurrency. Dash now has a market cap of about $640 million.


Ripple was created back in 2012, aiming at developing an enhanced cross-border transaction experience. It now stands at about $12 billion market cap.

Cryptocurrency analyzing tools have been developed and for the benefit of the users and miners, these have been serving their purpose in the best way possible. The technical aspects are covered in critical reviews and appraisals to give a better idea, these assimilated with the market cap values rank the total value of each cryptocurrency. So, go through all such available links, reviews, and analysis before leaping into the decision over a particular cryptocurrency