Kitchen Laminate

kitchen laminate flooring

People spend a huge amount of time in their kitchen. In many homes it is the most important room in the house. People and possibly pets come and go all the time. While lots of time is given to choosing the right appliances for the kitchen choosing the right floor is just as important.

While lots of people prefer ceramic tiles for their kitchen, I would like to argue that laminate floors are a great choice for many reasons.

However, there are also some issues you must consider when choosing laminate flooring for your kitchen.  But, if you know and understand these issues, you will happily live with kitchen laminate flooring for years without any issues.

Kitchen floors made from laminate come in a variety of different colour tones and styles as well, so there are many options to choose from. There are different grains and different woods as well as light and dark kitchen laminate flooring to choose from.

Let’s look at the cons of Kitchen Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring in the kitchen can sometimes be prone to moisture damage.  The cracks in the flooring are often not coated with any kind of sealant, so water can seep down into the flooring reaching the centre of the boards. These boards are are made up of composite materials that expand with moisture.

Once the centre expands, it will compromise the integrity of the wood and there will be a bad spot left on the floor. If you get a good professional installer to install your new laminate floor this should not an issue.  When getting my own done I took time to research the best laminate floor installers in Dublin and it was well worth the effort.

Sometimes laminate flooring cannot be repaired but must be replaced when this happens.  Finding a piece that is perfect for that particular spot can be difficult.

It is vitally important that you keep water and other moisture away from laminate flooring.  In the kitchen, this should not be a difficult task. especially when compared to  the bathroom where there is a lot more moisture in the air and floor. That’s why you need to take a lot more care with laminate for bathrooms, but it’s a great solution for the kitchen.

Laminate for the kitchen can be hard to repair, another con.  However, it’s not often that the kitchen floor is exposed to water for long periods of time.  Cleaning up or wiping away rubbish quickly can help keep the flooring clean and not in need of repair.

This is something that the average homeowner does not have any issues with for the most part

The upside of kitchen laminate flooring

The pros of having laminate flooring certainly far outweigh the cons.

This is a great flooring choice for any kitchen if installed properly.  If doing this yourself ensure you know how to install laminate flooring properly.

Many laminate flooring companies advertise that it’s easy for homeowner to do this installation and certainly since the “click system” was introduced installation has got easier.

However, laying a laminate floor down does take some skill (and lots of patience) for it to last as long and look as good as possible.

Working with an experience laminate floor installer will help guarantee that you get the most out of your laminate kitchen flooring.

Laminate flooring offers great durability, it looks great, can be easy to install and very versatile.  It can be installed over just about any substrate.

For example, if there is already a vinyl laminate or vinyl flooring installed, often there is no need to remove it.  We will just go over the top, saving valuable time and money.

Laminate floors hold up under heavy traffic as well. This makes it a great flooring option for those kitchens with heavy foot traffic and with kids.

There are many different colours, textures, and options to choose from. You really are spoiled for choice. This means it will look great in just about any setting. We are confident that laminate flooring is one of the best options for the kitchen.