5 Luxurious Office Design Ideas

Whether setting up a new home office, or sending in a few specialists to refurbish your workplace over Christmas, there are plenty of options to consider, when giving your office the 2020-ready makeover it deserves. Here are some simple ideas to get you started, so you can set about adding flourishes of your own individual style to the space.

Future proof with recycled materials

Undoubtedly one of the biggest trends in interior design for 2020 (and most likely for many years to come), is the addition and smart use of recycled materials. Anything that’s been repurposed, recycled, or rejuvenated into something original and unique is not only good for the environment – but it’s not bad for the soul either. It can also say something positive about the ethos of your company, and what you’re all about. Vogue.au advise seeking out smaller suppliers, for individual recycled items, as you are more likely to be able to track their own supply chain of recycles wares.

Lavish layers of natural greenery

While green roofs are literally bursting with life all over the place, green walls, ceilings, and natural features are also becoming more tangible possibilities for interior designers everywhere. London-based Maris provide luxury office design, including innovative ideas that bring the outdoor environment into indoor spaces. Helping to reduce the carbon footprint of the workplace, and attract eco-conscious employees, this design will continue to blossom, literally, for years to come.

Showcase your crafty, creative side

Even in older offices spaces, purpose built to feature dowdy carpet tiles, dodgy ceiling tiles, and decidedly uncomplicated visual style on every surface, can be transformed with a little creative flair. One trend that’s looking set to take off in 2020 is contrasting this once traditional, now perhaps retro metallic grey, with more natural wooden fixtures. Plus, with luxury, wood-look vinyl, you can actually implement this style without using any natural materials whatsoever!

office design ideas

Exchange the domestic look with the commercial

Although another office-related trend is also set to continue rising in 2020, that of the remote-based worker, office design itself could tempt a few more flexibly-working employees to spend time in the office. By bringing a few home comforts into the workplace, such as couches and chairs you’d expect to see between the hours of 6pm – bedtime, employees will quite literally feel more at home both in their work – and while taking their breaks in and around the decisively homely office.

Create collaborative cubby-holes of productivity

If you’ve been thinking about the once sought-after, open-plan space that promises to bring all your employees together, maybe think again. If you take a closer look at open-plan offices, you’ll see that employees continuously seek out their own private space, whether to relax, focus, or simply to get away from everyone else for a few minutes. While your building may demand some elements of open-plan working, consider where you could create cosy, enclosed spaces for individuals to unwind, or small teams to gather and focus without distraction. Employees will be yearning for this just as much in 2020 as they are now, so this is another trend that’s set to take off as we enter the new year.

Dragan Sutevski

Posted by Dragan Sutevski

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