Improving the Potential in Your Human Resources Department

human resources

One of the busiest departments in a company is that of human resources, as they are tasked with managing talent acquisition, ongoing training, payroll, performance evaluation, and tons of paperwork processes. The use of technology and software has made it much easier for these departments to stay on track and in control, but there are some specific HR technology tools that can help businesses both large and small become more organized and efficient.

1. Human Resource Information/Management Systems

There is a lot of information that an HR department is responsible for inputting, storing, and tracking and the most efficient way to accomplish this is through a software program designed for this input. These can be either a management or an information system. An HRIS has a focus on information, and it is usually more data-driven by way of reporting and analysis. These systems give company leadership the big picture with their human capital, they also keep record-keeping and employee operations in compliance with applicable regulatory concerns. These systems keep track of employee profiles, selected benefit or insurance packages, attendance, schedule, performance evaluations, training, and certification needs. They often have platforms that can integrate digitized payroll services, performance evaluation reporting, and self-access benefits enrollment management.

2. Performance Solutions

Evaluations are a company’s way of taking inventory of areas of strengths and weaknesses in the operational processes and the individuals who are helping or hurting along the way. These meetings aren’t just recorded between supervisor and employee but are shared with HR departments for strategic planning. The members of HR, in conjunction with direct supervisors, formulate goals or training requirements for the individual employee, and through a performance tracking system, stay updated on the progress. By saving notes and feedback from interaction and evaluations between manager and employee, the yearly evaluation is more accurate and focused on areas that are unique to the individual. Many HRMS solutions come with a performance review module that can be customized to your company’s practices.

3. Recruiting Software

The human resources department is responsible for the recruiting and hiring process, and a software system can streamline this part of the job. Through the power of the system, you are able to post job ads, sort through applications, manage potential candidates, and send necessary paperwork or documentation. This eliminates the stress of having to manually keep track of everything on your own. Small businesses that don’t have a need for such streamlined activities could be best served by choosing a management system that has fewer capabilities, as most of the recruiting programs are tailored to meet the needs of companies dealing with a large volume of applicants.

4. Payroll Services

Managing payroll can be a complex and time-consuming task. You can make it easier on you and your bookkeeper by using a third-party payroll service. There are many online companies that offer these services, and this solution will automatically figure and track employee paychecks, the necessary deductions, track paid time off, and some even allow for the processing of payroll taxes and new hire report direct to the IRS. If you don’t have too many employees, you don’t need the most expensive solution. Look at what will be efficient and cost-effective for your business needs.

5. Benefits Management

Although some payroll solutions may work with administering certain employee benefits, a more comprehensive solution that manages paid time off, health insurance, retirement plans, and workers’ compensation might be more effective. Doing so provides another layer of analysis for how to keep up with your labor competition while reducing the need to hire more employees to manage paperwork.

Keeping your HR department functional and efficient helps your company’s bottom line. Investing in an HR management solution can be a way to give their productivity a boost.