How Fake Louis Vuitton Manufacturers Are Affecting LV’s Business

Louis Vuitton is a high-end designer brand that is on most women’s shopping wish list. The problem with them? Their high prices, and this have led to many fake Louis Vuitton manufacturers taking advantage of shoppers who desperately wants to own an LV, without paying the high price tags.

When I think of Louis Vuitton anything, my mind immediately goes to Julia Roberts in the movie Pretty Woman where she was shopping, albeit awkwardly, in Beverly Hills on Rodeo Drive amongst high-end, luxury boutique shops. I also remember reading this blogger sharing her experience with fake Louis Vuitton merchandises.

When I visualize shopping for designer merchandise, such as Louis Vuitton, I imagine the experience to be much like Julia’s, traipsing through extravagant shops intoxicated by the smell, sound and sight of it all. It feels exhilarating to me. I think luxury is an experience and very much a part of the process.

Though I am not a hardcore fashionista, I do appreciate value, have an affinity for quality and adore luxury at its finest. Equally important to me as a consumer, is knowing about the product I am purchasing and how it makes me feel, particularly what it represents – to me and the designer.

As such, let’s look at Louis Vuitton and those who produce fake Louis Vuitton, and answer that question for ourselves – How good can Louis Vuitton fakes be? And what does that mean for you?

Who Did the Fake Louis Vuitton Manufacturers Replicate?

Back before his name became synonymous with high-end fashion and fake Louis Vuitton, Louis Vuitton himself was a revolutionary, an underdog and made a name for himself as a box maker in Paris through his high-quality, innovative designs.

As is the case with most underdogs fueled with a passion to make a difference in some way, Louis’ early journey was far from luxurious. His big break came in 1858 when he introduced the first rectangular trunk. Ironically, this was essentially Louis’ ‘thinking outside the box’ moment, as most trunks were round and difficult to stack.

The signature LV look, a sign of luxury for well over 100 years, was designed by Louis’ son, George, and remains today. The iconic brand is now valued at over 28.8 billion dollars and they bring in nearly 10 billion dollars in sales annually.

Louis’ original line of custom-designed luxury trunks quickly flourished, and they now sell a variety of exclusive products including handbags, sunglasses, leather goods, jewelry and clothing.

Being innovative can sometimes involve shock value and that can go a long way in carving out a niche; this is certainly the case with the LV season lines. Shockingly, at the end of a season, left over products are shredded or burned. Wait! What? I know!

While this seems obnoxious to me, I found it necessary to see it from an angle of branding, marketing and aligning your brand with the elite – then it makes more sense.

It is precisely why the value of each item is priced ridiculously high and continues to grow in value with time. When you buy a true Louis Vuitton anything, you are buying something rare, exclusive, luxurious and authentic.

Who Produces Louis Vuitton Fake Merchandises?

Surpassing Rolex, Louis Vuitton merchandise is certainly one of the top brands to be counterfeited.

Fakes and knockoffs are a real business these days and sellers openly market their wares as such. There are fashionista forums recommending high-end fake Louis Vuitton sellers and social media is flooded with the how and where to get a top-notch LV replica.

While piggybacking off one of the world’s most admired and accomplished luxury designers, replica and knock-off sellers have astonishingly carved out their own niche and proudly market their wares as highest quality replicas.

These businesses rarely operate by whispering in back alleys and using code words while browsing shops in Chinatown, no, e-commerce has provided a means to market counterfeit merchandise pretty much out in the open.

It does take a bit of digging to find a ‘high-quality replica’, but many bloggers out there are blogging and posting about their experience with fake Louis Vuitton, essentially proud of their accomplishments, even posting pictures to spot the differences.

It is not illegal to purchase a fake Louis Vuitton – but is it ethical?

Will You Support the Fake Louis Vuitton Industry?

While I personally love luxury and proudly declare that I prefer quality over quantity, I feel it is important to understand your ‘why’ and uncover what it is that drives you to make a purchase. Delve into how it makes you feel then own it and embrace it – yeah?

Branding and marketing strategies are not complex, though it takes creativity. One of the key factors in successfully reaching your target audience and luring them to purchase your product is relating to their why – essentially tapping into their feelings. There is hard evidence that consumers make purchases from emotions, not from information or logic.

Truth be told, the power of emotional marketing is where the success of a brand lies. Tapping into your target consumer’s primal wants and needs and then relating that to their why equals success for many brands. Both Louis Vuitton and fake sellers have accomplished this – just from different angles. It is then up to you to decide.

Uncovering this for yourself first, understanding your true emotional satisfaction, can certainly empower you to make a purchase that truly resonates with your core values, especially when that purchase is in the thousands of dollars, as is the case with a LV piece of merchandise. It feels amazing, yeah?

Louis Vuitton is undoubtedly synonymous with luxury and elitism. If you are tantalized by how that feels for you, you can decide for yourself then if a LV replica is good enough, despite the advancement in barely noticeable differences in an authentic LV or replica.

If owning a LV item conjures up a positive emotional feeling, then I sense that owning a fake version of that may not make the cut at the end of the day. To me, aligning myself with authenticity and value feels amazing, as opposed to the pretend version of that by purchasing a knock off.

Authentic or Fake Louis Vuitton?

Authentic Louis Vuitton merchandise is only sold through exclusive boutique fashion houses or directly from their website – again, that in and of itself is an experience, a pretty amazing one at that!

My advice is to visualize that and really tap into feel how that would feel – from start to finish until the product is in your hands. Alternatively, visualize the experience of scouring through blogs and social media to find a fake Louis Vuitton seller, discreetly making your purchase and then inspecting your purchase to make sure it looks as real as an authentic LV – but really it is not and never will be.

Why? Why settle with a Louis Vuitton fake? If owning a Louis Vuitton item makes you feel amazing or any other positive emotion, visualize that, own it and stay with that authentic feeling and you know what, it will make its way to you – guaranteed. How sexy is that?

Dragan Sutevski

Posted by Dragan Sutevski

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