What Are PBN Backlinks? A Definitive Guide To Creating PBN Backlinks

The links that have been created from a network of connected blogs or sites are said to be the private blog network (PBN) backlinks.

Usually, the sites that offer PBN backlinks are owned by the same person or team who have created this network to provide authority to their client’s business sites or their money sites. Along with using these backlinks for their own sites, the sellers also get extra profit by selling the PBN backlinks to different site owners.

In this article, you will get to know about how these PBN backlinks work and why should you use them.

Does It Really Work?

Before providing you this great guide on building PBN links, I want you to know that PBN is not a black hat technique neither it’s a white hat SEO technique, in fact, it’s a grey hat technique i.e. combination of both. Google doesn’t want marketers to use this quick technique for site ranking. For more, you can check

So, do this Google restricted technique really works?

Of course, If it won’t have worked, no one has used this technique. But remember, you need to do this carefully as Google used to targeted sites that are using PBN to get ranked in order to scare people from using this technique.

And yes, it is a risky technique as Google doesn’t allow this technique of building links, however, most of the marketers are still using PBNs to rank quickly and easily on Google.

For creating a great PBN backlink strategy, you need to follow the steps:

  • The first thing you need to keep in mind is that you don’t just have to rely on PBNs for backlinks. Even though PBNs provide instant authority to a site, but, you should also consider some white hat SEO techniques for backlink building.
  • If you only rely on PBN backlinks, Google would catch you one day and would destroy your site. Thus, to stay in the race of SERP rankings, you need to be loyal as well. So make sure to put some effort into creating genuine backlinks too.
  • Now coming back to the point, to leverage the power of PBN backlinks, you should first consider the value of your private blogging network. If you want your PBN site to be valuable, never ever use spun content. Generate fresh content for your site so Google cannot devalue your PBN site.
  • You don’t need to feel that writing content for the PBN site is wasting your time. Forget about the length of content and write useful content by keeping the user search intent in mind. So if you feel you have provided the answer to the user’s query in 700-word content, then that is enough.
  • Now when your PBN becomes a valuable site, you can add anchor of your money sites into them. But make sure not to get too many backlinks from a single site. I’d suggest getting 1-2 backlinks from a PBN site. LaunchCDN is one of the best sites which is providing in-depth information about PBN and its hosting too.

Wrapping Up

PBN backlinks are not that bad if you use them wisely. But if you misuse PBN sites and get huge backlinks from them, then you will absolutely get penalized. So make sure you use this technique wisely and not overuse it.

Also, deal with your PBN sites as you deal with money sites to their authority in the right way. And, don’t forget to use white hat SEO backlink techniques to avoid any undesirable results.

Dragan Sutevski

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