How to Be A Good Boss – 4 Ways You Can Leave Your Mark

good boss

Be honest, is that “World’s Best Boss” mug on your desk really telling the truth? Or is it more of a hope that people will believe it?

When we think of good bosses it’s easy to think of innovators such as Steve Jobs or even fictional characters like Michael Scott from The Office, but what does it really take to achieve the title of “Best Boss”?

When you take the steps needed to boost your leadership skills, you’ll have the ability to inspire your employees and also create an atmosphere of loyalty and devotion to your company. Wondering where to start? Read on for 4 ways you can be a good boss and leave your mark.

 Always make safety, paramount

In any business, safety should be a paramount concern. Not just for your customers but for your employees. When you put the safety and health of your employees first, it illustrates that as far as the law is concerned, that you are diligent and honourable. It also demonstrates that you actually care for the welfare of your employees. So, ensure you have the right health and safety signage – check out for the latest in signage – undertake regular risk assessment checks, implement emergency procedures and invest in regular training for your employees.

Work on your communication

Having good communication skills are essential for anyone who wants their business to be a success. But if you want to inspire your employees and be recognised as a good boss, then your communication skills are something you should be working on constantly. You need to effectively communicate feedback, constructive criticism and be able to recognise issues and communicate the solution back to your employees, without good communication and direction from their boss your employees will be left to flounder.

Help your employees to build careers

The quicker you realise that your employees aren’t just people you pay to do a job, but people who have their own hopes and dreams the sooner you’ll be recognised as a good boss. If you give your employees the tools they need to succeed in their current role and then progress through your company, the happier they’ll be and the more employees they will inspire. Identify strengths and weaknesses, come up with a plan that will help employees reach their full potential and constantly push and engage with them to exceed all current standards.

Open the line of communication

When many employees think of a boss, they imagine someone sat behind a huge desk, referring to employees as numbers and based well away from the “shop floor”, however if you want to bridge the gap between yourself and your employees then you’ll need to open the lines of communication. Make sure you’re seen as a regular presence within the business, take time to speak with your employees individually, ask for their feedback on certain practices and anything they like or could be improved. Make sure employees know that you’re not just their boss, but an approachable and an amiable person.