7 Tips for Selecting the Reliable Asphalt Paving Contractor

asphalt paving

Asphalt paving is a huge task that requires an experienced contractor to ensure proper installation. To avoid unnecessary and costly repairs in the future, you must hire a reputable contractor for all your paving needs.

But it can be a difficult task if you don’t know any reliable contractor.  The good news is that the process can be easier if you keep these tips in mind.

1. Warranty

Ensure that the warranty offered is not just a catch for your money. Most companies will provide you with a warranty without disclosing much information about it. Look for a well-written warranty that contains all the necessary information.

Make sure you have information about what is covered by the warranty and what is not covered. A proper exclusion list does help.  A warranty with a high cost is better than the one with a low price that does not cover the most common damages. That is an aspect that can be used to gauge whether contractors are confident and honest with the work they are doing.

An attractive or lower price does not always mean that the deal will be good. Look for a reasonable price but which also reflects the quality of the work.

Some contractors might offer low prices, but they are not competent, and if they are qualified, they might end up doing shallow work. That may imply that they are not performing the task as you had initially agreed.

2. Pay Attention to Minor Details

When you are hiring a company to work for you, make sure their employees are professionals and are ready to pay attention to even minor things.  Small details may not be noticed immediately during work or shortly after the completion of the work.

However, some minor details that are ignored by the employees might later come out and depreciate the value of your driveway or property. Therefore ensure that your contractor and his employees have your best interest in their mind, and they pay attention to even the minor details. If you do that, your project will come out looking awesome.

3. Transparency

Ask your contractors for specific questions and demand answers. Before you approach any contractor, make sure you have adequate knowledge about the asphalt paving industry. Educate yourself on the different types of asphalt available in the market. Also, ensure you have sufficient information about the distributors of the materials you want to be installed.

With all that information, you can ask the right questions and expect the correct answers. You will know whether the answers given by the contractor are honest or just cooked up on the spot.

Ask for a well-detailed description of the whole process. Also, ask for sites you can visit where the contractor had worked previously. A transparent contractor should have straight and open answers.

4. Reference and Reputation

Doing thorough research before you approach any asphalt contractor will save your energy and time. Ask for personal references from your relatives, friends, and colleagues. Probe further to see whether the intended contractor is reputable.

Check to see how long the company has been in the asphalt paving construction industry. Pavers who have been in the market for many years produce consistent work and excellent customer service.

5. Methods and Techniques

The process of paving has remained unchanged over many years. Therefore be sensitive to any contractor who promises to perform your task using new and improved techniques.

Besides, it is paramount to have an idea of the guidelines and standards that regulate pavement construction. For instance, you should know that a contractor should put a 2-inch coating of asphalt if you want your driveway re-coated or 3-inch if you want it to be re-done.

6. Permits and Insurance

Do not hire a contractor who does not have the necessary permits to do your work. It may imply that they do not possess the right skills and experience to obtain these permits.

That is also true for insurance. Your paving contractor should have workers and other general liability insurance covers. If your contractor does not have those insurance covers, you can end up being liable for any injury and property damage that could occur on your site.

7. Experience

Pavers who have been in the industry for a long have extensive skill sets and knowledge. That allows them to provide quality work to their customers. Also, they complete the assigned tasks more efficiently.

That does not imply that you should not hire a new contractor, but you will have more peace if you choose a contractor with extensive experience.

In conclusion, finding a quality paving contractor like Calvac Paving will make a big difference between having a driveway that looks great and the one that wears quickly and requires costly repairs.