Jumpstart Your Consulting Career with These Tools and Apps

The main job of a consultant is to create relationships with clients and maintain them. The world consulting market generates roughly $36 billion worth of revenue each year. Having success as a business consultant will require you to find out about new industry technology and use it effectively.

Newcomers to the world of consulting fail to realize just how many tools and apps there are to help them. Choosing the right tools to work with is only possible with some thorough research. If you are trying to jumpstart your consulting career, be sure to check out the tools and apps mentioned below.

Resume Build Can Help You Impress Potential Clients

Business owners that need a consultant to help them get over a bump in the road will do a lot of research before making a hire. One of the main things a business owner will ask for from a consultant is their resume. When sending out your resume to a potential client, you need to make sure it is both packed with information and easy to scan.

Instead of trying to create a resume template from scratch, you should use a website like resumebuild.com. This website allows you to choose from a number of professional resume templates. They even provide you with resume writing examples. By using these tools, you can craft a winning resume that is sure to win clients over.

Stay Organized With the Help of Followup.cc

Business consultants and entrepreneurs alike use Gmail as their preferred email service. Gmail is easy to navigate and comes with plenty of cloud-based storage. If you are tired of missing important meetings or forgetting to follow up with a client, then using a program like Followup.cc can be helpful.

This program works with both your email and CRM systems. Once you receive an email in your Gmail inbox, Followup.cc allows you to set a reminder. If you are using email marketing to drive customers to your consulting business, this program is also helpful. Followup.cc will provide you real-time notifications regarding who is opening your emails. With this information, you can optimize your email marketing campaigns.

Create Appealing Business Proposals With Proposify

If a business owner is interested in working with your consulting firm, they may ask you to work up a business proposal. These proposals provide you with an opportunity to tell customers what your business offers. Using a program like Proposify helps you create appealing business proposals for your client.

They have a number of ready-made business proposal templates to choose from. This program also provides you with an online signature tool. Using this tool helps you get client signatures online in a hurry. This means you can send a proposal and close the deal in a matter of hours by using Proposify.

Embrace Technology Now!

Creating a successful consulting business is only possible if you stay on the cutting edge of technology. With the right tools and technology, you can keep your current clients happy and increase the number of viable leads you receive.

Dragan Sutevski

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