Online Marketing In 2020

Online marketing has become an incredibly diverse discipline, bringing with it a wealth of different options for businesses and brands that want to promote their products and generate more leads in 2020.

Here is an overview of some of the trends that are shaping online marketing in 2020, from social media movements to emerging technologies and beyond.

TikTok is taking over

Many different apps have enjoyed a meteoric rise to prominence in the past, and TikTok is just the latest craze to sweep the world, appealing in particular to younger generations who are looking for new ways to share videos.

Developing an effective TikTok marketing strategy relies on understanding the mechanics of the platform and appreciating that you do not need to necessarily work with influencers that have huge audiences already; leveraging nano influencers is a new tactic that many prefer.

Of course many of the same aspects which make an unforgettable Instagram story apply to the world of TikTok, so there is definitely some crossover here and you will be able to transfer your skills to working with TikTok for marketing purposes.

Voice search will become more relevant

The proliferation of voice-controlled digital assistants, not just on mobile devices but also through smart speakers like the Amazon Echo, has already created a marked impact on how consumers search. A third of people already search the web using voice commands on a weekly basis and this is significant for marketers because it means that it is now necessary to optimize campaigns to account for this.

This is potentially good news for those who are sick of having to compete for a handful of high-value keywords since longtail phrases will become more impactful as the length and complexity of the queries being made increases.

Voice search tech is far from perfect, but in general, it makes sense to optimize according to the kinds of questions users are likely to ask in order to discover your content. Trigger words such as ‘how’ and ‘what’ are amongst the most commonly used in this context, which will no doubt influence how online marketing is formulated this year.

Automation will ease the strain

Online marketing can be a somewhat labor-intensive process, yet with the rise of artificial intelligence solutions, many of the more arduous aspects of digital promotion can be offloaded to automated services and online marketing tools.

From using chatbots to handle on-site customer support to leveraging big data analytics to pull out pertinent information about your target audience that was previously obscured from you, automation will become more widely used in marketing circles to take on the challenges that 2020 has to offer.

Professional Copywriting

Rapidly gaining momentum is the trend toward quality copy. Throwing “any old thing” up on your website and seeing what sticks is not an effective strategy. Your customers have no shortage of reading material. If your marketing copy sounds amateurish, or like it was written by a foreigner, you’ve lost them. Your customers are off to another website, one that’s more engaging.

For web copy, consider working with a professional website copywriter, someone who understands online marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). The result will be content that’s more effective in attracting visitors and better able to convert those prospects into customers.

Equally important, hiring a professional writer gets the work done promptly, allowing you to focus your time on the core activities of your business.

Personalization is expected

It is no longer the case that customers will see the availability of a personalized experience on the sites they shop on like a nice extra; for many, if not all consumers in the digital space today it is an essential element.

Likewise, there is the expectation that marketing messaging should be tweaked according to the tastes and interests of the individual, meaning that the days of blanket campaigns delivering decent ROI are over.

Any brand that wants to boost conversion rates will need to factor this into their efforts to generate sales this year, or else face the ire of visitors who do not feel like their needs are being met.

Of course, it is important to remember that personalization of online marketing is still a process that requires careful management from a privacy perspective, since shoppers can be alienated by ads that seem to harness too much of their personal info, making it a fine line to tread.

Dragan Sutevski

Posted by Dragan Sutevski

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