Moving Pictures: 5 Benefits of Video Marketing for Startups

As a startup, you have lots of things to take care of between writing your business plan, picking a location, and determining your company’s structure. Don’t forget about marketing while you’re putting together your strategy. After all, your potential customers need to know where to find your company amid the competition.

You know you need to get yourself out there as a startup. Video can help. Let’s look at some of the key benefits of video marketing for startups.

1. People Prefer Video

If you’re wondering why you should be using video for marketing, take a look at the statistics. People prefer video. First, consider that 54 percent of consumers online want to see videos from their favorite brands.

And if you want to connect with your audience on social media, there’s no better way than video, according to statistics.

2. Using Video for Marketing Encourages Social Sharing

Not only do people click and share videos on social media, but 73 percent also say that a brand’s social media presence influences their purchases. And if that’s not enough, according to Cisco, by 2022, video streaming and downloads will generate 82 percent of internet traffic across the world.

Adobe’s Social Media Marketing for Business post explains how someone with no video experience can create professional marketing videos and edit them for social media. Video marketing should be in your mix, and creating simple short videos with user-friendly editing software is an excellent way to get the camera rolling.

This super-easy editing program also offers preset templates that you can use to jumpstart your video production.

3. Increases the Time Your Audience Spends on Your Website

The importance of video marketing is undeniable. Using video in your marketing strategy will also help you keep your audience on your website longer. According to Forbes, users spend 88 percent more time on a website that offers video.

Here’s the thing you can even use your phone to create incredible marketing videos today. Video marketing is about connecting to the audience, so live streaming and recording from your phone meet your audience where they’re at, watching videos on their mobile devices.

4. Video Content Can Introduce Your Products and Services

Remember that one of the benefits of video marketing is to show off your expertise in your field. That means you should think about implementing how-to videos, product and service explainers, and even video testimonials. Using video for marketing gives you the perfect opportunity to demonstrate how your brand stands out from its competitors.

Not only that but if you provide helpful how-to videos that inspire your audience, they’ll keep coming back for more.

5. Increases Revenue

ROI is the bottom line for startups and established businesses alike. That’s why we have one more statistic for you. Using video for marketing helps companies increase revenue 49 percent faster than businesses that don’t use video.

Embrace the Benefits of Video Marketing

As a startup, you should embrace the benefits of video marketing. You’ll get brand recognition, social shares, and visitors to your website with the right mix of video and informational content. Check out more marketing articles for more ideas on how to incorporate video into your marketing strategy.

Dragan Sutevski

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