9 Benefits of Using Voicemails for Your Business

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With today’s high internet penetration, the use of voicemails may sound like an outdated idea. But the truth is this old technology still offers great customer service and business communication solutions to many companies. Voicemails help businesses to give their customers more pleasant experiences and ensure that customer calls don’t go unattended.

However, most businesses are still reluctant to include them in their phone system – and for a good reason. At some organizations, voicemails have been used by employees to hinder business processes. This happens when staff opt to avoid answering calls, opting to send them to voicemail instead. When this happens, sale conversions get disrupted. But for businesses that use Drop Cowboy Ringless Voicemails correctly, the technology can offer numerous benefits.

Background And Significance Of Voicemails

Voicemail systems were developed as a replacement to answering machines that were being used earlier. Overtime, the technology has been improved significantly with inclusion of new features including the storage of digital voicemail messages.

Today, voicemails are the expected and ever-present solution for calls that go unanswered.  Increasingly, these systems are playing a key role in routing messages and calls to the right people within the organization. They also support the connection of telephones to other customer service technologies like help desk ticketing  and email systems.

Even so, the significant role that voicemails play in business is not obvious to customers. The efficiency that these systems bring to the business in routing phone calls is only evident from the business perspective. Voicemails also cost less compared to the amount of labor required to ensure that every incoming call is responded to by a customer representative. In this article, we explore the benefits that voicemails offer businesses today.

Here are 9 benefits of using voicemails for your business:

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1. Voicemails Eliminate The Need For Receptionists

Businesses that use voicemails may not need to hire receptionists to handle incoming calls. This is because the voicemail system makes it possible for businesses to route incoming calls to the Call Cowboy Virtual Phone Numbers whenever employees are not at their desk to receive the call. This works well when employees are in meetings, out in the field, or when they have stepped out for lunch or any other break.

By routing calls, voicemails make it possible for businesses to reduce overheads that are related to staffing and consequently increase profits. Upon return, the employees are able to catch up on voicemail messages that may have been left in their absence and therefore do not miss out on anything.

2. Voicemail Messages Don’t Get Distorted Or Lost

Voicemail systems provide a reliable way for businesses to store customer messages. This is because messages that customers leave on voicemails cannot be distorted or lost. Written messages that customer support teams or employees write down as they listen to customers may get misplaced and chances of the actual message getting distorted is high.

This can result in miscommunication as the business relies on the memory of the person who picked the call. This is not the case for voicemails – customer’s verbal messages are recorded as they are and the business is guaranteed that voicemail messages are original.

3. Businesses Get Time To Prepare Responses

Unlike live calls where business representatives converse with customers and have to provide responses immediately, voicemails provide employees with time to prepare responses. Since customers make calls and leave a recorded and detailed message on the queries they have or information they need, employees have time to think through their responses and prepare adequately before returning the call.

This works well for the business especially in cases where customer requests require employees to conduct research or provide detailed feedback to the customers.

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4. Voicemails Encourage Customer Feedback

Most people are opting to leave voicemail messages as opposed to written or verbal messages with service teams. The reasons for this decision are both confidential and personal. This customer behavior has a direct impact on customer feedback levels. The more businesses make voicemail systems available to customers, the more customers will provide feedback.

Voicemails, like the ones seen in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7DeSsYxqdJQ, also allow customers to provide more detailed messages without being interrupted than they could during live calls. This means that the feedback they leave on voicemail would be comprehensive and most importantly, that feedback would cover a wide range of issues.

5. Voicemails Offer Convenience

For both customers and businesses, voicemails provide convenience that other communication channels like live calls or written communications do not offer. Employees who work in businesses that use voicemail systems can conveniently access messages that customers leave without having to be physically present in the office or at their desk. Unlike written messages that have to be retrieved literally from the source like getting to a desk to read a message, businesses can retrieve voicemails from any location – within or outside the office – as long as the employees have access to the internet and a smartphone or computer.

6. Voicemails Eliminate Call Hold Time

Customers do not take to it kindly when they have to wait to get responses or answers. This is even worse when it comes to calls. For most customers, the cost and inconvenience that comes with being put on hold is not acceptable.

Businesses can avoid putting customers on hold by using voicemail systems. When calls come through and there is no one at hand to answer them, customers are directed to leave voicemail messages instantly. This ensures that the messages that customers want to pass to the business are delivered even when their calls are not answered.

7. Voicemails Improve Customer Retention

Failed communication is the easiest way for businesses to lose customers. The frustration that customers go through when they are unable to reach brands that they follow to have their issues resolved can cause them to quit buying from those businesses. This means that the businesses would not be able to keep customers and that will have a negative impact on their revenues.

Voicemail systems enable businesses to retain customers by ensuring that every time customers make an effort to reach them by call and there is no customer representative on hand to respond immediately, they are able to leave a message. Once the message is received, a customer representative is able to call them back with solutions to their problems, or answers to their query. This enhances customer experience and they feel comfortable doing business with such companies because they know the company treats them with respect and their issues matter.

8. Customers Can Leave Detailed Messages

When customers reach out to companies and their calls are not picked, they can proceed to leave detailed messages for customer representatives or employees on voicemail. This means the system allows them to explain their issues in detail, just as they would have done if the call was picked by a customer representative or any other employee.

The voicemail machines record the original message and the message is delivered to the company the same way that the customer delivered it – word for word. When customers leave detailed messages, they enable relevant company representatives to find and provide the right solutions to their issues.

9. Voicemails Improve Business Efficiency

There are several ways that voicemail systems improve efficiency in businesses. First, the systems are integrated with call routing capabilities that allow for transfer of customer issues to the relevant staff. This saves customers additional call costs that they would otherwise have incurred holding onto calls as they waited to be attended.

At the same time, voicemail systems save customers time that they would otherwise spend trying to reach the company. This is because when customers reach the company the first time and their call goes unanswered, they can leave a message and attend to other things as they wait for the company to respond to their issue.

In companies where service teams are overwhelmed by the number of calls coming through from customers, a voicemail system allows for call screening. This makes it possible for employees to identify and respond to priority calls while other calls are picked by the system to be attended to later. This increases staff productivity by reducing stress associated by the need to attend to each call immediately.

With increased efficiency, companies are able to lower their operational costs while enhancing customer satisfaction and retention.

Wrapping It All Up

Voicemails are considered an old technology that has been sidestepped over time by some businesses. However, for others, this technology continues to offer great benefits that enable them to not only meet customer communication needs, but retain them in the long run. Voicemails have a way of ensuring that customers get a professional reception whenever their calls are not answered immediately as it does not leave them hanging.

Businesses enjoy a lot of convenience because even when no staff is available to receive calls, they are assured of receiving the actual, undistorted messages that customers wanted to pass on to the company. This enables them to prepare responses that provide customers with pleasant experiences and thereby boost their loyalty. If your business is not using voicemails yet, it’s time to reconsider to ensure you do not miss out on all the benefits discussed above.