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Five Benefits Of Utilizing Training Management Software

training management software

A major part of being an employer means training employees. Whether it’s the initial onboarding training for a new employee or training existing employees to begin working in a different area of the company, there is no question that training employees is an important job which can consume a lot of time.

There are a multitude of benefits of using services such as Administrate enterprise learning management software to help manage employee training.

Save money

Much of training new employees is repetitive, but important and necessary. Each employee needs to complete certain education before they can begin working for you, and you have to be able to track when and if they complete each course. If you can spend some time creating software to walk employees through this education on their own, you can free up untold hours of your HR department and other training resources. Training employees can take up as much as 47 hours per year, so any amount of that time that you can automate is sure to result in cost savings.

Save time

The time costs of educating employees can be very high. If you aren’t currently using training management software then you are most likely pulling existing employees away from their duties to train other employees, as well as using your HR department to keep track of which employees have completed each training. All of this adds up to time which could be spent doing tasks that keep your company running smoothly.

Consistency in information delivery

Training can be difficult when the people doing the training are not consistent. Person-to-person training can mean that the material being delivered may not be the same each time, resulting in unintentional knowledge gaps. Using software to deliver education ensures that the training is consistent each time it is delivered, making sure all your employees are on the same page.

Engage employees in the learning process

Training management software can provide interactive, engaging learning for employees. This results in better information retention resulting in a higher ROI. Employees who are well-trained and engaged outperform other employees by 147%. Top-notch training materials can harness this benefit for employers, adding untold value to their bottom line.

Track completion/compliance

With training management software it’s easy to see which employees have completed required training. Utilizing spreadsheets and sending individual emails to employees who haven’t completed required training is error-prone and time consuming for both your HR staff and other employees, resulting in frustration all around. Automated tracking means there will be no more uncertainty about who has completed what training, and you can easily remind employees who have uncompleted training of what they need to do next.

As a business owner, training employees properly is one of the most important things you can do to ensure employee satisfaction. Solid training and higher employee satisfaction results in less employee turnover. Utilizing a training management company can save you time and money, ensuring compliance and consistency in employee training while having a positive effect on morale and your bottom line.

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