How Can SMBs Promote Their Business Nationally?

national promotion

An essential task in building momentum and presence for your business, national promotions can consolidate your customer base and help you to reach out to a new national audience. However, this is often easier said than done, with few promotions having ‘catch all’ solutions.

So, why are national promotion so important and what options do you have for reliable, cost-effective results?

Why does national promotion matter so much?

Simply put, effective promotion and marketing are the backbone of any modern business. Mastering the options available at your price-point and time frame can quickly put you on the map for your customer base and articulate your unique value proposition.

This comes with a number of advantages, including:

Raising Brand Awareness:

Choosing the right delivery method can help engage lapsed users, draw in new audiences, and take the temperature of the modern marketplace. This can be done through a combination of legacy and novel approaches, including online advertisements, podcast sponsorship, physical advertising, or more.

Increased Traffic:

The more clients know about your product, the more they will be induced to visit your site or platform. This allows you funnel them to into your sales pipeline, letting you efficiently engage with clients or learn and tweak your approach through the use of metricisation.

Product Education:

Advertising allows you to cherry-pick the information that you feed to your audience. If this is backed up by research and analytics, you can target key market-segments; allowing you to educate them about your unique value proposition.

Improved, Sustainable Sales:

The ultimate end-goal for every company, increased awareness can not only drive short-term sales for your product, but secure reliable, recurring revenue. This can also help you capture more information about your customer base and adjust your marketing accordingly.

How can competitions help?

Holding a competion or promotion can be a fantastic way to raise the profile of your product and put it directly into people’s hands.

Competitions and sweepstakes offer the ability to direct your tactics (your short term approach to promotion) and strategy (long term goals and aims) with a high degree of effectiveness. This can allow you to run time bound competitions that are tied into key milestones in your long term campaign. Successes and failures allow you to reflect on and vary your future approach, letting you better understand the segments that are important for your business plan.

Sustained marketing can also help consolidate and maintain a competitive advantage over others in the marketplace. However, if you do choose to run a competition is vital that you understand the legal specifics of contest laws by state. Failing to adhere to these can result in significant fines, ending up costing you valuable income and attracting negative publicity; making a little extra care go a long way.

If you and your team can get the right balance between the cost of your campaign and stay within the law; you’ll be able to maximise your exposure and undertake a long-term, practical campaigns that result in consistent sales and engagement.