How To Tell If You Should Work In Marketing

Marketing jobs are getting more and more popular as a career as the internet explodes. There are all kinds of different marketing one can do.  And, you can even focus your efforts on one particular part of marketing and get really good at that one thing.  However, first, you should see if you are even cut out for marketing.  There are some common personality traits that marketing jobs need.  Let’s take a look.

Marketers are curious

Typically marketing jobs are looking for marketers who have a huge curiosity about things.  They not only love gathering data but they love to analyze it as well.  This is important as this is a large part of marketing.  Gathering data to determine what is going to drive traffic and ultimately sales.

Are you analytical?  Marketing is very analytical.  You need to have the patience to study everything and figure out what the cause and effect is.  Sometimes things are working and one thing changes and it all falls apart.  This is what we mean by you need to be able to analyze that one thing, find it and fix it.  Many times there are strategies that work but which one do you need for that particular application.  That is what a marketer knows and the others don’t.

You’re creative!  When something doesn’t work, you don’t give up.  You are creative in your strategies and figure out how to get traffic and sales through the door.  Sometimes this can be very creative.  If you like to think out of the box and come up with some better marketing strategies, then working for a marketing firm such as Navistone just might be for you.

Traits of a Marketer

You’re empathetic!  You can feel what others are feeling.  You can look at a marketing campaign and fine-tune it to tug at just the right heartstrings to capture a sale.  It’s about taking the time to get into the minds of the people you are marketing too and understand them better.  This is a very good trait for marketers to have.

You’re good with change.  Because the market is forever changing and what worked last week, it doesn’t work today.  You are always looking for the best way to grab and capture the attention of your market.  You are always sitting analyzing people’s behaviors and adjusting to what the market is telling.  This is where all of the above traits all come together to make you a unique marketer.

Marketing isn’t for the faint of heart either.  Sometimes you have a wonderful, most amazing idea, but it flops right out of the gate.  But, don’t let this get you down.  You have to take those in stride, as learning lessons and figure out what exactly went wrong.  Here is where you will dive in and fine-tune who you are marketing too.  If it is an older generation, perhaps it was to in your face for them.  The marketing to an older generation to a newer generation is completely different and from men to women can be as well.  Thinking like the other people and getting in their head is really is what marketing is all about.

Dragan Sutevski

Posted by Dragan Sutevski

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