How You Can Stay Active While Working a Sedentary Job

active at your sedentary job

Working at a desk all day can wreak havoc on your physical and mental well-being. Here’s how you can stay active while working a sedentary job.

Are you having trouble keeping active while staying still at your desk job? Well, you’re not alone.

Less than five percent of adults in the United States get more than thirty minutes of activity each day.

But we’re here to help! Here are some tips for keeping active at a sedentary job.

Try Out Some Equipment

Using different equipment to mix up your routine, like standing desks or an exercise ball chair, can help you get more exercise without overexerting yourself.

Depending on what you choose, these different types of equipment can improve your posture, help your balance, and so much more.

And, using these methods, you can keep working while you get active, so it’s basically like you’re getting paid to improve your health!

Take Plenty Of Breaks

No matter what, you should be taking breaks to help with your blood flow and prevent damage to your eyesight. And, you can use those breaks to do some exercise! You can also set a timer to make sure you take your breaks on time.

It’s recommended you take a break once every hour to ninety minutes, and you can use that time to stretch, stand up, or basically do anything besides type and stare at your screen.

Plus, studies suggest that taking breaks helps you be more productive in the long run!

Utilize Your Lunch Break

If you get a longer lunch break and have time for both, why not add some work-out time before you eat? You can take a long walk or a quick jog if you’re worried about indigestion, or you can just make sure you squeeze your workout in before you eat your meal.

Using your lunch break as an opportunity to exercise may not be an option for everyone, especially those who only get half-hour or fifteen-minute breaks, but it’s certainly a great choice for those who do have the time!

Stretch It Out

You might think stretching is boring or time-consuming, but it’s actually very important for preventing injury or pain at sedentary jobs.

Taking a second to stretch at your desk can reduce your risk of back problems, increases your flexibility, and helps keep your blood pumping.

Make Your Commute Active

If you live reasonably close to work, why don’t you try making your commute physical? Walking or cycling to and from work will get your blood pumping and help you be more awake when you start your workday, and it will build exercise into your routine without you having to make too much of an effort.

Using your commute as your exercise time is a great way to add more physical activity to your sedentary lifestyle.

Staying Active At Your Sedentary Job

Exercising and getting enough physical activity is very important for maintaining your health and physical lifestyle.

These aren’t the only great tips for staying active at your sedentary job. Looking for other, similar tips? Check out some of our other articles!