How Instagram Growth Service Works

Instagram growth services

Instagram has consistently been listed among the most effective social media platforms for small businesses and influencers to make their mark. The use of growth services, which are basically external means of increasing your follower base, is becoming an increasingly popular way to establish high-growth Instagram accounts.

How Does Instagram Growth Services Work

Growing your Instagram account is integral to gaining tangible results from marketing on the platform. Not everyone has the time or energy to put in all the effort required to gain followers, and Instagram growth services can be the ideal tool for these people.

These services basically automate the process of Instagram growth by engaging with other accounts on your behalf, leading to a more prominent presence of your profile on the platform. Their primary purpose is to follow, like, and comment so that other accounts do the same to you.

Many growth services employ the use of “bots,” which can effectively raise your follower count by the thousands overnight. These bots will not only engage with other accounts in the form of likes and comments but also make fake accounts that can be added to your follower list. Other services tend to follow and unfollow hundreds of accounts per day. While these methods may seem practical on the surface, we will later discuss why they most definitely are not.

Organic Instagram growth services, such as SimplyGram, make sure that you attract real people that are actually interested in your posts. They do this by setting up other “child accounts” for your primary account, which automate the entire engagement process while making sure to interact only with authentic audiences.

Why you need only organic Instagram growth service

The use of growth services that utilize bots can be very effective at increasing your follower count. However, as a business owner, you know it destroys the entire purpose of growing your account in the first place. The abundance of fake profiles and disinterested people means that you’re basically attracting very few new people towards your account, ultimately making the service meaningless.

Also, it is actually quite easy for your existing target audience and followers to tell when bots comment on a post, given that their comments are mostly very bland or just out of context. This can leave a negative impression on your existing and prospective followers. Furthermore, most of these services require you to give them your password, which is a huge red flag.

The following unfollowing scheme adopted by a lot of growth services is entirely against the Instagram terms of service. Buying Instagram followers and the following-unfollowing method are black hat Instagram marketing tactics that could result in your account getting banned. You should avoid taking these unnecessary risks.

On the other hand, organic growth services like SimplyGram provide you with exponential Instagram follower growth while staying within the rule-book. Also, they ensure that the new audience comes from your target market. These services produce real results that are far better than those brought by all sorts of other services, particularly those that employ bots for Instagram account growth.


Methods like influencer marketing and branded hashtags are highly efficient ways to grow your Instagram account. The real king of the game, nevertheless, is the use of organic growth services. They grow your account with real followers so that you can gain a solid footing in the world of social media marketing.