What Makes a Good Business Card? A Simple Guide

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Are you wondering what makes a good business card? If yes, you should check out our guide here on the key things to understand.

Despite the digital world we live in, business cards are still the most effective direct marketing tool we have.

A business card shows you’re professional, prepared, and an experienced networker.

But, what makes a good business card? For effective business cards, you need your card to stand out and be noticed.

Read to learn our top tips for creating a professional and impressive business card.

What Makes a Good Business Card? Legibility

Rule number one— your card must be easy to read. Business cards are no time to get artistic with cursive or hard-to-read fonts.

It should be immediately clear to the receiver who you are, what you do, and how they can contact you. Confusing type fonts or unnecessary images or graphics will just distract from this and mean your card may end up tossed in the recycling bin.

Include Only the Relevant Details

Your card doesn’t need your entire resume. Rather, you want to include only the most important details. For any other information, the card receiver should contact you to learn more.

But, don’t be too mysterious, as it should be instantly clear from the card what line of work you do.

What to include comes down to personal preference, but you may want to include your name, the name of your business or employer, company website, phone number, email, physical address, and your company’s logo.

Too much information on a small card will look crowded and may be difficult to read.

Have Them Professionally Printed

The best business cards are made from a quality, thick card stock, and have an elegant, professional design.

Business cards are an important marketing tool, so they are an investment in your business. Have them professionally designed and printed and don’t try to do them yourself on your home computer, as the finished product will look inferior.

Check out these business card templates to get started on your design.

Add Something Special to Help Stand Out

With so many business cards being exchanged at conferences or networking events, is there anything you can do to make your stand out?

Consider adding a special touch to give your cards a bit of flair. Consider an embossed, raised ink that adds texture to your card, add color, or look for a non-traditional card size, such as a square.

Or, depending on your business, get creative– for example, a dog walking business could create a really memorable card in the shape of a dog bone.

However, those in more traditional and conservative fields, such as law, finance, or business tend to do best with minimalist, simple cards.

Design Your New Cards Today

Now that you know what makes a good business card, start designing your card today. Your card makes a vital first impression with potential clients or business partners, so make sure your card is sending the right message.

An effective business card is one of the best networking tools at your disposal and an important asset for any motivated professional. Was this article helpful? If so, please share on social media and spread the word.