10 Red Flags To Be Aware Of When You Are House Hunting

house hunting

Buying a home is one of the most substantial investments one can make. Therefore prospective buyers must be vigilant when they are doing house hunting for a new home and avoid falling into any of the pitfalls related to property sales.

1. The Price Seems Too Good To Be Accurate

This is one of the most obvious red flags when you are doing house hunting. If the seller appears to be over-motivated to sell the property, then you should probably be asking why. It could be due to personal reasons, financial reasons, or simply because of relocation reasons. However, it might be due to an underlying issue with the home itself. If you are not sure where to start, try to find someone who can advise you on finding the best investments and lowering your price when buying a home for yourself.

2. The Seller Has Not Lived In The House For Long

Thankfully, due to the various online real estate marketplaces, you can implement house hunting to learn a property’s history. If the seller hasn’t lived in the home for long, then it’s reasonable to ask the real estate agent about the reason. Also, if the particular house had numerous owners in the past, it’s a definite red flag that something might be amiss with it.  

3. The Realtor Is The Listing Agent For The Home As Well

If this is the case, it’s recommended to locate the new buyer’s agent to represent your interests during the transaction. The listing agent might be so focused on finalizing the deal that they might not consider what is best for you. It’s best to protect yourself and find what is best for you as the buyer before contemplating which Pocatello moving companies should help you move.

4. There Are Not Many Photos Included In The Listing

Pay specific attention to the photos when you are doing house hunting. If the photos’ quality is poor or some rooms are left out in the listing, be sure to find out why.

5. The Location Of The Property Is Close To The Highway Or A Busy Road

Be sure to search the address using Google maps before visiting the property. Homes that are situated close to a busy road or highways are usually harder to sell since buyers must put up with the traffic, noise, pollution, and health issues.

6. The Home Had Renovations At Various Stages

This might be a red flag, an indication that the upgrades and renovations are not unified. Permit requirements and regulations do not stay the same. If various owners changed the home, it’s possible that some of the work was not permitted officially at all.

7. Many Of The Homes On The Same Street Are Up For Sale

There might be a reason for this. A mass exodus from one particular street is a major red flag. Once multiple neighbors list their home, be sure to determine why before deciding on buying a property in the street.

8. There’s A Clear Indication That The House Was Flipped

If the home was clearly bought and flipped by the developer, make sure you find out who did the renovations. For example, a quick renovation might result in some of the essential components in the home being missing or in need of repairs, like an HVAC system, the roof, plumbing, and electrical wiring.

9. The House Has A Strange Odor

If the home happens to have a strange odor, be sure to get to the root of the issue. It could indicate that the house wasn’t properly maintained. Unpleasant smells could indicate a poorly vented house, water damage, plumbing issues, mold, HVAC problems, etc.

10. The Home Is Up For Sale Suddenly After Being Under Contract

This could mean that something went wrong during the home inspection, revealing something amiss with the home, which is expensive to repair. It’s essential to never waive the home inspection before buying a home. If something was found to be wrong during the home inspection, you as the buyer have the option to decide whether the issues must be addressed before making the purchase.