The Benefits of Allowing Employees a Flexible Schedule

In recent years many more employees have been offered flexible working. This may mean that they have the opportunity to work from home or that they can flex their hours to better suit their own needs.

Initially, employers were concerned that increased flexibility would make it harder to monitor employees and increase the likelihood of time being wasted instead of productive.

However, research suggests that employees who work from home or have the right to undertake flexible working, are generally more productive and loyal.

In fact, there are a number of benefits to allowing employees a flexible schedule. It’s worth noting that this can also apply to contractors providing you specify a completion date for the project in hand. Of course, if you’re considering a contractor, whether for electrician jobs Sydney or building work in Melbourne, you need to ensure they are aware of the terms of your flexible working arrangement before they start.

Work/Life Balance and Flexible Schedule

The balance between time spent working and time spent enjoying life has become increasingly important. A healthy balance can lower stress levels which reduces the risk of many age-related diseases.

Getting the balance right also means employees are more focused when they are working. Allowing employees flexibility helps them to feel in control of their life, improving their work/life balance and focus.


Research also shows that thanks to the increased focus, flexible employees tend to be more productive. This is because when they are working they are concentrating on that and nothing else. Without the distraction of colleagues, they will get more work done in less time. That’s an impressive benefit for the company.


Most staff prefer to stay with one company, providing they feel like they are appreciated and an important part of the team. By offering flexible working you’re telling your employees that you trust them. Alongside giving them more control over their lives, feeling trusted is a key step toward employee engagement and satisfaction.

The result is the loyal staff which means you can relax knowing the job I being done properly and you don’t have to keep spending money o advertising and hiring new employees.

Cost-Saving With Flexible Schedule

Employees like flexible working because it can actually decrease their daily costs. Paying for fuel, parking, and car maintenance can become a significant burden every week. Without the need to commute an employee can save money.

That makes them happier, more productive, and feel better paid.


Although employees will not see each other as often that doesn’t mean they won’t connect. There are various apps that can ensure your employees communicate effectively with each other throughout the day. This shows trust but also encourages interactions that will improve the morale of all staff.

Of course, this can be complemented with regular staff events to ensure they all have a chance to chat in person while doing something fun. It is worth noting that flexible working will also stop tardiness and even absenteeism. That has to be a useful benefit for the business!

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