6 Powerful Web Design Trends for the Future

web design

Web design is one of the most critical elements of digital marketing processes.

Digital marketing is intricately entwined with technologies such as Computer Internet Technology, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Bots, Voice Search, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, Internet of Things, Blockchain, Beacon, and 5G.

In line with developments in the above technologies, web design also adapts to new technologies and designs that incorporate these developments.

It also adapts to other aspects of digital marketing to come up with unique solutions.

Here’s a look at the 6 top trends that will dominate in the future.       


The importance of content cannot be overemphasized as it is the centerpiece of any communication. If there is no content, then you are not communicating anything.

Design is meant to an end, and it should take into account what message is being communicated through content.

This is extremely important because, in the ultimate analysis, SEO optimized content delivers value as a prelude to buying a product or service, forming an inalienable component of the overall user experience. Thus, web designers are bound to give due importance to content in their future web designs. 


The coding paradigm is being revolutionized to make coding accessible to all.

The revolution is not in terms of coding per se but the way code is made.

No-code development platform (NCDP) bypasses traditional computer programming allowing anyone to create application software. This development can bring a sea change to web design as more people with better creative ideas can use the NCDP to bring innovative web design ideas to the table.

Visual web design

The NCDP is a sure-fire winner for visual developers. Hitherto visual developers spent a lot of time on the elements of visual art leaving them no time to be really creative.

With NCDP, they can now indulge in releasing their creative juices because they have more time on their hands while the NCDP takes care of many of the other elements without too much of the visual developers’ time being spent on those elements. 

Minimalism web design

Minimalism is going to gain ground as it is proving its usefulness in many ways.

The speed of loading is much higher, and this is more relevant when the mobile is the device of choice by millions of customers.

The web designers can play with minimalist designs that permit the use of white space innovatively enabling much better readability for viewers without too many distractions. A UI design company can play with minimalist designs that permit the use of white space innovatively enabling much better readability for viewers without too many distractions.

Functionally, the minimalist design has been responsible for one-click payment and registration processes already.

Perhaps voice search can be classified under minimalism simply because it is so simple to use. Further, it adds so many more customers to target. Siri, Cortana, Alexa, and Echo have shown how this trend is bound to make a further foray in 2020.

Accessibility web design

Following a lawsuit flagging accessibility issues, it is perhaps a matter of time to determine when accessibility will become mandatory. It can be correctly surmised that none of the website designers ever considered accessibility as an issue. If the lucky few who did, they are better off than others who didn’t.

Accessibility may cover a wide expanse of people who have touch, hearing, sight, and speech disabilities.

The enormity of the work involved in revamping the website to comply with accessibility standards comprises a host of professionals such as designers, engineers, project managers, quality assurers, writers, and editors.

Ensuring accessibility is going to take center stage in 2020.  

Fake news

Fake news has dominated the world especially the ubiquitous social media platforms.

Marketers will face issues as social media platforms will grapple with the problems associated with fake news.

Most major platforms have taken a stand on what they believe is right. Now, web design has to take into account the various policies followed by individual platforms.

Whatever the social media platforms do, web designers have to fend for themselves, and the future could turn out to be a landmark year for something they can deliver to end the scourge of fake news.

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As new technologies keep on being invented or discovered, users of these technologies including web designers will continue to mirror the trends besides creating their own trends.

The future is bright for web designers as they eagerly await newer developments in their own fields. They also look forward to incorporating the latest technologies from other fields into their domain of web design expertise.