Tech & Gaming Entrepreneurs: How To Make Money While Playing

Years of technological advancements, discoveries, and innovations have allowed humanity to improve its quality of life by offering comfort, convenience, and versatility. The gaming industry uses technology to meet people’s needs for entertainment, paving the way for a new form of human interaction. Today, gaming is significantly relevant in people’s lives, and for some, it’s what keeps them kicking.

Because of its spiking popularity, gaming is an excellent business opportunity for technology and game enthusiasts to earn money while playing. To learn more, check out InfluenceINK founded by Robert Towles. InfluenceINK targets gamers, social influencers, and online users and helps them earn money through gaming interactions.

The Merits of Earning While Playing

Gaming and earning money were two different things, but gamers and entrepreneurs have now discovered that they can blend seamlessly. When participating in this industry, you can go two ways: the first is to play games to earn money, and the other is to make money to play games. Both options have advantages for anyone who attempts to dive into the world of games.

Gaming is a high-budget hobby. Considering the gaming consoles and peripherals, online gaming subscriptions, downloadable content (DLC), in-app purchases, and more, you must allocate a considerable amount of your money for gaming. By earning money while playing, you can compensate for these expenses and even upgrade your gaming infrastructure.

If you’re interested in making money alongside doing what you love, gaming, then here are 5 ways you can do so:

1. Create Gaming Guides and Tutorials

Professional gamers always start from scratch before they achieve success. Novice gamers are still unfamiliar with the gameplay, general rules, and effective techniques. So, they’ll need a helpful guide throughout the game. To earn money while gaming, why not create beginner-friendly gaming guides and tutorials as you explore your gaming platform?

The biggest challenge in making guides and tutorials is that you must make them as comprehensive and easy as possible. Not everyone can make guides and tutorials that are both comprehensive and simple. You’ll need strong writing and formatting skills, at the same level as a web content writer. After making your content, you can promote it on social media platforms to inform more gamers. You can use Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, among others.

Make sure that your guides and tutorials are unique as compared to other content and make up for their shortcomings. Narrate your experiences as a beginner and a few mistakes that beginners should avoid. Leave out some errors for your readers to discover themselves. Always provide insights, be open to criticisms on your play, and make improvements as a gamer and a tutor.

2. Gameplay Live Stream

Build an audience in real-time from different regions around the globe by facilitating a live stream of your gameplay. Currently, Twitch is the most extensive live stream gaming platform, with an estimated 1.2 million concurrent viewers. Other platforms like YouTube and Mixer, are also trying to keep pace with the latest in live game streaming.

gaming entrepreneur - livestream

To get started, you’ll need an account and your gaming setup consisting of your gaming device, gaming headset, an external mic, a fast internet connection, and your game title. As much as possible, keep your budget tight since you’re only starting with this endeavor.

Keep in mind that you’ll not gain a thousand viewers overnight, especially because there are so many live stream hosts today. The key is to be yourself, unleash your gaming personality and humor, and have patience.

3. Enter The World Of YouTube or Podcasts

Some online streamers may feel awkward and unnatural during a live stream. Thus, they can’t perform as well in the game as they usually do. For these gamers, another earning option while being immersed in a gaming experience is to host a YouTube or podcast channel not meant for live streaming. The video or podcast channel can be an informative account for the gaming community.

In this method, you won’t need to film yourself while playing, but create a series of videos or audio clips that’ll help gamers improve their gaming experience. You can make different playlists about tips and techniques in a specific game title, interview top-tier players, make product reviews of gaming peripherals, and have an insightful discussion about recent gaming news and updates.

This gaming format requires a lot of viewers and supporters before you can start getting ads and sponsorships. Another option is to encourage your viewers to support your content financially through Patreon subscriptions.   

4. Compete in Tournaments For Sponsorships

To broaden your gaming skills and get more thrill, become a professional gamer. Compete in large-scale tournaments. Although this method isn’t your safest bet, the winnings will be incredibly worth it.

Tournaments usually consist of two types of games: the player vs. player (PvP) and multiplayer games. The most common form of multiplayer games is the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) games. The more popular the game titles are, such as the League of Legends (LoL), the bigger the prize pools.

But not every gamer has sufficient ability to make a mark in these tournaments. You’ll need to undergo thorough training and team up with the right people if you’re playing in a MOBA game.

5. Be A Beta Playtester

When developers are designing and improving their games, you can have access to play and even earn some cash by becoming a beta tester. The developers will provide a video game in its pre-release condition and ask you to follow their testing guidelines. You need to report your game-playing experiences to the developers.

Some companies hire playtesters who occupy a physical position in their company. On the other hand, some embrace the concept of having remote playtesters.

The best advantage of being a playtester is that the developers accept people with relatively low educational qualifications provided they have good knowledge of gaming and want to earn a living. Nevertheless, others take the opportunity to be a playtester as their stepping stone for a career in the gaming industry.


Technology has changed the gaming industry in revolutionary ways. Because of gaming, people keep themselves entertained despite the stressful events happening in the world. Gaming is a significant escape from reality. However, you can make money while playing your favorite games. Follow the tips mentioned in this article to earn while you play. Use the opportunities available to become a successful gaming entrepreneur.

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