7 Ways to Increase Your Instagram Follower Count

gain more followers on instagram

Instagram used to be an app that only appealed to kids. For the most part, it gave kids the opportunity to share images with their friends, while adding fun captions and art to whatever they were sending.

Over time, people realized that Instagram can be used in so many ways. It has already become a platform wherein people can market their products, sell their products, and also target more people successfully.

With millions of people using Instagram every day, everyone has an amazing opportunity to start a profile account, add some content, and get famous on the internet.

However, for this to actually happen, you are going to need a lot of Instagram followers, and this isn’t something that will happen overnight.

Instead, you can do this by making audiences interested in you and your profile by creating original and engaging content–which is exactly what we will be talking about today.

Instagram vs. Facebook

There was a time when Facebook was considered to be the better platform. Over the past years though, Instagram started to surpass Facebook in terms of engagement. Users can interact with brands and their followers by 4.1% more as compared to Facebook (source). This is a huge thing and this also made different companies switch up their marketing strategies.

Why You Want to Gain More Followers on Instagram

There are different reasons why you would like to gain more followers on Instagram. Some of the common reasons are the following:

  •  You want to become famous and gain more sponsorship.
  •  The brand that you are promoting needs to be pitched to the right target market.
  •  You want your company to be trusted more and interacting with your target users will definitely help.

The moment that you have identified the reason why you would like to gain more followers on Instagram, that is the time when you can start learning how you can gain more followers authentically.

Creating your own hashtag can be great because the more times that people see it, the more that they will become familiar with it. Whenever they would try to interact with you, they may also use this hashtag to become noticed. Think of a hashtag that can represent your brand and the products that you are selling just to be sure.

You can look for other hashtags that are related to the hashtag that you have created and join conversations of people regarding that hashtag. This gives you a chance to become noticed more. You can also find some super-popular hashtags and decide to provide your own thoughts about it. Just remember to choose the right topics as the wrong topics might backfire on you and your brand. Your main goal is to make people follow you and not make them angry at you.

3. Pay Attention to Your Bio

When was the last time that you have made an effort to change your bio? People can already make an assumption about you based on what you have written in your bio. The most boring thing that you can do is to only link your website URL to your bio. There are so many more things that you can say about your brand. Keep things short and sweet and you are bound to find what you are looking for.

4. Create Great Captions

One of the biggest misconceptions of people about Instagram is they assume that people are only looking at the pictures. People read captions too especially if the captions are not too long. You can post pictures that are amazing then add appropriate captions that will catch people’s attention. The more that people like what they see and read, the more inclined they will be to follow your account. Do you know that there are some media brands that have tried Instagram but failed? You can check out the feed of those that are still thriving. You are bound to find something in common: engaging and thought-provoking captions.

Do remember that creating great captions will take time. You might feel a bit weird in the beginning especially if you are not sure yet if your captions would work. Compare how people would react to your different captions until you find the right match for a certain time.

5. Collaborate with Influencers

Influencers are here for a reason. They make people listen and they make people gain interest in some of the brands that they follow. Identify an influencer in your area that people generally like. They are bound to check out your products or your services more after it has been promoted by some influencers on their page.

6. Remove Unwanted Tagged Photos

Some people would just want to tag photos of you especially if they want to share something about your brand. The thing is, it is okay to remove unwanted photos especially if they are not related to your brand at all. You can also control the photos that will be tagged to you depending on the settings of your account. Hide the ones that you do not need so that you can have an account with pictures that you can be proud of.

7. Have an Instagram Style

One reason why people follow some accounts on Instagram is because of aesthetics. They feel that they want to see the images that the account posts so they would follow. Decide on the Instagram style that you want and make sure that you will be consistent. The more successful you are in doing this, the more followers that you will have.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Instagram Marketing Efforts

Building your brand and making sure that you will be followed by your target audience will be easy as long as you would follow the tips mentioned above. Are you ready to start having more Instagram followers?