Why Lawyers are so Important in Society

Why Lawyers are so Important in Society

Law school is one of the most complex schools to study. It takes a lot to be a good lawyer, put in long hours at work, be a good speaker, and have analytical and logical reasoning skills. Their skills are much needed for many reasons.

If you have a business, are looking to adopt or file a divorce, if you have had an accident or have been accused of a crime, you will need a lawyer. These are only a few examples, and the reasons are endless. Lawyers and laws play a critical role in society, here’s why.

Why the Law Is Important

Gone are the days where every man has to fend for themselves and survival is for the fittest; we live in a more civilised world now. We live in a world with different societies and communities that would be in a state of conflict if it wasn’t for the law. The law is designed to serve the people in all matters. It is adaptable to the changes in society. The existence of law drives people to do the right thing and be good citizens. Because of this, in different ways, the law is there to protect people.

Lawyers Know the Laws

All the hours of studying and hard work have set lawyers apart from the average citizen regarding knowledge of the law and its functions. As explained, you will mostly need a lawyer at some point in your life. A lawyer has years of experience to help you in various situations. Hiring a lawyer for your business to consult on legal matters is the way to stay on the right side of the law and avoid being sued. Filing for divorce or adoption, you will need to follow the right processes and know your duties and your rights — things they can help with.

Civil Cases

When you think of lawyers, you think of them defending people accused of crimes, but there are different types of lawyers. For example, civil lawyers cover issues not related to crime. A civil case starts with a dispute between two parties where one is asking for a form of compensation. A citizen can file a civil suit against another citizen, a business, a corporation, or even a government agent.

Types of civil cases include torts, like personal injury caused by any motor vehicle accident. Other types of torts include claiming wrongful deaths, workers’ compensation, or getting social security disability benefits. A personal injury lawyer will claim that their client was harmed by the other party and ask for compensation. Kentucky Lawyers Morgan, Collins, Yeast & Salyer advise that the statute of limitations — the time limit to file a personal injury lawsuit — is two years. This may vary from state to state. They add that it’s crucial to talk to a knowledgeable lawyer as soon as possible to make sure it’s not past the time limit to file suit.

Right to Counsel

We often hear the words ‘innocent until proven guilty, and they are essential to law. Because of the 6th amendment of the constitution, every citizen has the right to be represented by a lawyer, regardless of the crime they’re accused of. Every human being has a side to the story which needs to be heard, and that’s what they do.

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If someone is accused of something, a lawyer will assist them in telling their side and helping prove their innocence by bringing evidence and witnesses. Also, they help the defendants become aware of their rights and give them expectations of what will happen regarding their case.  If someone can’t afford a lawyer, they appoint a public defender.

Life Without Lawyers

To better assess the importance of lawyers, let’s imagine a world without them. First of all, without lawyers, all rules and laws are useless. You can’t defend yourself against accusations or against someone using the law to harm you. There would be no one that ensures all laws are applied.

If there are rules without lawyers, you have no choice but to defend yourself, but is it easy? Knowing basic laws is one thing, but having a deep understanding of the laws and using them to protect and defend yourself requires years of study and field experience (if you’re interested in the pathway to becoming a lawyer, many undertake LSAT tutoring before undertaking the LSAT exam to qualify for law school). 

Lawyers are a fundamental component of society. Their role is to protect you when harmed and defend you when accused. Hiring a lawyer for a rainy day will save you a lot of trouble that could arise unexpectedly. You will feel more secure hiring a lawyer, knowing the law has your back.