Useful Guidelines On How To Write A Good Meta Description

A meta description is an essential element of SEO. In this post, we will be giving you some helpful guidelines on how to create a good meta description.

Guidelines For Writing A Good Meta Description

  • Since the primary aim of a meta description is to attract more internet users to a particular piece of content, it must be unique and stand out from others. It is crucial that you notify the user about how your content will provide information on their search query. This must be done in a more effective way than other results when they search for information. Even though the description must reflect the article’s relevance in terms of the keywords that were used in a search, you must be careful not to overuse the keywords. In recent years, Google no longer used meta tags for ranking in search results, However, in this instance, they are only used for satisfying a query of a user, therefore only the main section of the keywords must be mentioned. An effective method for doing so is by using calls to action, for instance, “watch this demonstration”, or “enter now” in your description. For people that have well-known brands, it is incredibly useful to include it, since people usually relate to familiarity.
  • Content can also contain marketing ploys such as coupons, discounts, and free giveaways. When you compete for attention, you must be creative when selecting words that are conveying useful information. The goal is to increase the chances of a user clicking on your meta description to learn more.
  • Another useful tip for being visible is to only use a few short words in your metatag. Most companies take advantage of the entire 155 characters. The best way is to describe the content so that the relevancy comes across, it must be concise and include persuasive calls to action to get the most clicks. If you need assistance with anything related to SEO, it is worth hiring a Sacramento digital marketing agency to help you fully optimize your website to get more traffic and conversion rates.

Writing The Description Within Technical Restrictions

  • The most significant challenge with writing meta tags is the 155-character restriction with spaces included. The thesaurus tool can come in very handy, particularly in the beginning. To ensure you are not exceeding the character count, write the piece in word and check the word count on the bottom of the screen.
  • Another technical requirement is avoiding quotation marks, which results in the description being trimmed. You can use an HTML entity & quote – if you want to use quote marks. For example: “each of our products are 100% organic." “. The reader will see the phrase as: “Each of our products are 100% organic”.
  • Always be authentic and UNIQUE. Every meta description on each page must be individual and not repeated over several pages. Every description must contain relevant and fresh content for a specific page only.
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