Key Tips for Nailing Instagram Hashtags For Likes

Social media marketers know that hashtag is king. Categorizing and making content more visible, this powerful thing is a combination of letters, numbers, and emojis next to a # symbol. Instagram hashtags allow you to connect with users and build long-term relationships with them.

Read on and discover these effective ways to ace your Instagram hashtags for likes.

Use the most relevant hashtags.

Popular hashtags help you get extra likes but for more genuine engagement, use the hashtags within your business’ niche and target market. As an example in the case of a kid’s toy store business, you may use specific descriptions like #dailyparenting or #kidsplaytime for your brand value. You will then notice the boost in the targeted following as well as an increase in post likes and comments.

Include hashtags to your Instagram Stories.

To get more users to visit your page, adding a hashtag to your stories is a great and effortless way.

They can view your real-time stories that could lead to getting more Instagram followers. To maximize this discoverability, you can use one hashtag with a hashtag sticker or include up to 10 multiple hashtags by using the text tool.

If you don’t want to make your posts look like spam, you can opt to pinch the hashtags to make them smaller then place a GIF or a sticker over them. Either, you can select the color tool that matches your Instagram story background so the hashtag can blend while still being searchable.

Put line breaks before including your hashtags

Posting photos with captions reveal the first few lines only, making the hashtags hidden. As you write long captions on your Instagram posts, adding line breaks is recommended before putting your hashtags. Especially if you are posting a caption with 30 hashtags at the bottom, this can make it look less messy and cluttered.

Comment the hashtag after posting.

If you think that your captions may look untidy when you include hashtags, you may post them on the first comment. Hashtags can then be highlighted through this tip. Thus, post engagement will not be compromised even without including the hashtags on the caption proper.

Incorporate User-Generated Content (UGC) from Hashtags.

Come up with a creative hashtag for your business for your followers to use. This branded hashtag will give you a high probability of getting a trademark and engagement plus attracting new followers. Plus, you can add this hashtag to your Instagram bio so your followers can have the habit of using it whenever they post about your brand.

Use more than 10 hashtags for a great engagement impact.

To get an increase in engagement rate, including more hashtags contributes a lot. This is an insight that is a part of this year’s biggest Instagram trends. Hashtags all the way!

Track your hashtag success.

Since converting to a business profile is helpful in accessing analytics, you may switch now to know which post has the most effective performance. This info lets you know the reach, impressions, and profile views from tapping on your Instagram hashtags. Also, a separate tool can be used for a more in-depth analytics tool that includes a breakdown which hashtag drives the most impressions, likes, comments, saves, and reach.


The power of using hashtags is within your hands. That’s why the hashtag game should be taken seriously.

Even when users are not following your account, they can follow hashtags. Who knows that they might find your page interesting and they will then hit that follow button.

Let’s get it on with the Instagram hashtag hacks above! #GoForGoals #YesWeCan

Dragan Sutevski

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