Tips In Choosing The Best Commercial Vacuum

Whether it is for your office, small restaurant, big hotel, or janitorial service, a commercial vacuum cleaner is a necessity for you to own. Buying one in a rush may not be the most ideal considering that it requires a huge investment.

Taking as much time as you need is necessary to ensure that your money will not be wasted at all. There are a lot of factors to consider ensuring that the money you will spend will not be wasted and you can get all the potential benefits of this cleaning device.

Tips In Choosing The Best Commercial Vacuum

To help you with your commercial vacuum shopping, read below.

Things That Are Important To Consider When Buying A Commercial Vacuum

To start with your search, one of the things you have to primarily know is the type of vacuum you will purchase.

  • Upright Vacuum: This is one of the most usual vacuums you can see, even in households. This is a perfect choice for general cleaning purposes
  • Canister Vacuum: This, on the other hand, is used to clean stairs and under furniture
  • Backpack vacuum: If you are expecting long periods of use, like for janitorial services and hotels, this is a type of vacuum to consider
  • Handheld Vacuum: This is a perfect choice for cleaning upholstery, drapers, molding, stairs and for spot-cleaning as well
  • Wet and Dry Vacuum: If you are offering cleaning services, the wet and dry vacuum is good to consider. This is also a good choice for construction sites and drying up wet spills

Now that you know the types of vacuums in the market today, it is time to decide whether you would go for bagged or bagless.



  • Dust and dirt are kept contained when bags are removed
  • Filter maintenance frequency can be reduced


  • This is not an eco-friendly option
  • Bags can be costly
  • If you have no bags, using it may not be possible



  • Cheaper as you do not have to spend on buying bags
  • It is eco-friendly


  • Filters must be replaced and cleaned periodically
  • If the user has asthma and allergies, emptying canisters could bring symptoms


If the commercial vacuum will be your business’ bread and butter, investing in heavy-duty vacuums are recommended. The price of the vacuum ranges from cheap to the most expensive you can think of. The price difference could be due to many factors like the brand, the capacity, the type, the accessories, and the functionalities.

Going for too expensive options may not be highly recommended for small offices or those with smaller-scale businesses.


It is no doubt that the best commercial vacuum is manufactured by the most reliable brand. The brand can make or break the overall satisfaction you can get from this cleaning tool. Choose a brand that is well known in the industry and has a very good reputation among its users. Check the company’s history, ratings and  available vacuums through their website or through different review sites.

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