All-in-one SEO Software for Entrepreneurs: SE Ranking Review

se ranking

With the competition between business websites heating up, a solid SEO strategy could very well be the deciding factor on who gets the first spot. There are many new faces entering the competition and they need all the support they can get to generate some traction within the game.

SE Ranking has been getting a lot of attention these days, and it is time for a comprehensive review of what this tool can do for new entrepreneurs. SE Ranking, an all-inclusive SEO tool, can help businesses optimize their strategies to stay relevant and way ahead of the competition.

What is SE Ranking?

A cloud-based search engine optimization suite, SE Ranking SEO Software is one of the most promising SEO software, giving its users access to crucial data about their and their competitor’s businesses. SE Ranking offers tools for tracking the keyword positions, Audit the websites, analyze the competitor’s SEO and PPC strategies, checking and monitoring backlinks, managing social media marketing, and more.

An exceptional fit for marketing professionals, teams, and agencies, SE Ranking helps businesses track the keyword rankings in real-time across all the major search engines.

Keyword Rank Tracker

For entrepreneurs and marketing agencies, the right keywords are the holy grail to successful SEO strategies. SE Ranking can go from 50 to 50000 keywords in no time. The rank tracking tool gives access to the historical ranking data of the keywords, for the user to see and compare the progress made so far.

se ranking - keyword rank tracker

SE Ranking provides insightful trends from search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube, and Yandex. You can track the keywords for specific locations, narrowing countries down to particular pin codes, which is beneficial while operating across countries or cities. The Rank tracker can analyze the search results for Desktop and mobile separately to give you an accurate picture of how well the site performs on different platforms.

se ranking - trends

Your keywords are valuable, and so are the ones used by your competitor. SE Ranking allows the users to add up to 5 competitors and get a detailed report about their rankings as compared to yours. The tool also extracts the visibility rating with the search competitors based on your keywords.

se ranking - competitors

Your clients can access the rank tracker labeled with your brand with white labeling, which can promote the trust quotient. The SE Ranking keyword database stays updated with the latest SERP data. Whenever the user submits a search request, the tools extract the most recent semantics with reliable search volume data. 

Website Audit

Websites are integral to the business. We spend good bucks on getting a website up and running. An efficiently functional website engages the audience positively and skipping on any website issues can do the exact opposite. Businesses with many websites find it finicky to analyze their websites, owing to the significant chunk of time and effort it takes. SE Ranking, with its audit feature, can analyze and monitor any website for the end number of issues and changes in no time.

se ranking - audit

The Website audit feature allows its user a link by link in-depth crawling. It just takes a minute to add the website, and you are good to go. You will be provided with visual estimation of the crawling process, including the queue position of the website pages. The Website audit tool tabulates different data sections, each section catering to specific website information. The reports section accesses the Site server information along with its expiration date.

After each audit, the information about the website’s health, image and link analysis, content health, usability, customization tips, is made available on the dashboard. All the technical information, which you were probably going to miss because you are no pro, is made available too, which includes the XML sitemap, site mirror duplicated pages, robots.txt, redirects, Frames, and Flash. The page analysis section displays the information related to the URL length, page size, blocked pages, no-index meta tag pages, and on-page errors. The information about page titles and their description is accessed in the Meta-analysis part of the audit.

se ranking - health

You will know if your website is missing the poise, and it becomes easy to point out things that needs optimization. Things like JavaScript errors, branded favicons, 404 errors, and website security errors come to the fore after each audit. The crawled pages section gives out information regarding various parameters, which include the no-follow tags, crawl depth, server response, and Alt size.

se ranking - errors

Ordinary SEO tools make it challenging to manage and monitor the data from one website, but SE Ranking is nothing like the ordinary. With any business owning various websites, the data from each audit, from each site, is saved on the suite. The next time you go for an audit, you can compare the crawl reports to investigate whether any improvements have been made.

se ranking - saving

Backlink Checker and Monitoring tools

Marking an impactful online presence means having an efficient backlink structure in place. Backlinks are a signal indicating that another website is vouching for your content.  SE Ranking can help you analyze and manage your backlink network, and you can also access the details about the backlinks utilized by your competitors. What works for them should work for you.

Backlink checker will help you extract all the backlinks functional under a particular domain. You can access information related to backlink URLs, the number of external links, Moz Domain Authority, Social popularity, Majestic trust flow, and google index. The Backlink explorer can review the competitor’s website for backlink strategies. Backlink checker makes it easy to track all the added backlinks and keep a tab on the lost ones. You can check backlinks for 20 to 300 domains per day with SE Ranking.

se ranking - backlinks

Backlink monitoring will help you filter out the backlinks, using the Nofollow or Noindex filters. Mark any link, and Google will disregard it. You do not need to go for the messy cut paste. This tool will also allow you to deduce an estimate of your backlink network cost by assigning a value to each backlink. SE Ranking lets you monitor anything from 5000 to 75,000 backlinks at a time.

SEO/PPC Competitor Research tools

Starting a business might be a little hard, but managing a business takes it all. With the kind of cutthroat competition, it becomes quintessential for the entrepreneurs to keep a check on what their competitors are doing, and how are they doing it. SE Ranking makes it all easy and effortless. You can discover a lot about your competition here, starting with the keywords that your competitor is ranking for. The tool gives you a gist of the paid ads’ strategy employed by your competitor. 

The tool is easy to use. Start by punching in the domain or the keywords that you would like to analyze. Choose the country, which is available for research, and click on the analysis.

se ranking - analysis

You can get access to data segmented by periods. This tool will allow you to discover your organic and paid competitors. You can add the top five competitors from the list further in the Rank tracker tool to keep a lookout for their ranking positions against the target keywords.

Analyzing a domain will give you access to the list of keywords that the particular website is using in the paid and organic traffic, along with the subdomains and website pages garnering the highest traffic. You can also access sites that are receiving both paid and organic traffic with similar keywords.

se ranking - domain analysis

If you opt to analyze a keyword, you will get alternative keywords identical to the analyzed keywords, along with the search volume, Competition, KEI, CPC, Traffic cost as per Google ads, and the number of sites in SERPs. You can also find pages in the paid and organic, which are search ranked for the selected keywords. With all this information available at your fingertips, it should be easier to outsmart the competition.

se ranking - keyword analysis

Every entrepreneur realizes the importance of sparing some costs without having to compromise on their strategies. SE Ranking will let you do just that. In the SEO/PPC tool, you can have access to the historical advertisement run by your competitors, for a particular search query, along with their engagement results. Whatever has worked for the competitor, you can make that a base and move a step ahead. This will save you from a lot of experimental advertisement costs, minimizing your risk, and increasing the success probability to a great extent.

Verdict: A reliable choice for Entrepreneurs and SEO Professionals

SE Ranking is not a winner because of one particular tool. The entire suite is way ahead than most in its category. Each tool lives up to the name, and if you have got access to SE Ranking, you do not need supplementary assistants to manage your business online.

Expert marketers are recommending the suite, and it is all for the right reasons. After all, who would not want a tool that is easy on the pocket, and easier to understand? The clear user interface makes sense, even if you are not a pro at it. The up-to-date data and its reliability add value to this SEO software. So yes, in its entirety, SE Ranking is a keeper, and it is perfect for budding entrepreneurs who need a reliable SEO suite.